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How Commissioned Artwork Can Build the Brand of Your Property

When it comes to multi-tenant real estate, environment is everything. Tenants want to be wowed and inspired! The artwork you select will create the atmosphere – the essence of your brand and your property’s image. In a modern age when you are competing for more than providing a place to stay, the industry has noticed the critical importance of creating memorable spaces and experiences. Your aesthetic choices should tell a unique and compelling story to prospective and current tenants.

Commissioned sculptures are an excellent way to tell your property’s story to tenants and the public. Art Force’s art consultants are certified “matchmakers”, finding artists nationwide who will best execute your vision. Art Force will work with an artist to create a piece that will flow with your architecture, design and brand of your building. Art Force has connected numerous developments around the country with our extensive network of artists to commission distinctive and sizable artwork that allows their properties to stand out from the rest.


Here are 3 reasons you should consider commissioning original sculptures for your multi-tenant property:

1. Your Piece Will Be Tailored to Your Property

We believe that your brand essence is an important part of creating a unique environment. Our “matchmaker” art consultants will take your vision and find the right artist to make it a reality. We strive to combine your vision and the artist’s medium and style to create your unique piece. We keep in contact with the artist throughout the process and insure placing your sculpture is as easy and budget conscious as possible.

2. Commissioned Art Makes your Property Unique

When you commission fine art and sculptures, there will be no other piece of artwork or property entirely like yours. In today’s competitive housing market, standing out as a leader in your area is crucial! Your artwork will have a special connection to the rest of the space and will add another layer to your aesthetic story. Unique commissioned artwork may act as a trademark for your building, proudly displaying your brand. If placed outside of your building, everyone will notice the artwork and will know that it is part of your building’s community.

3. It’s Exciting to Perspective Tenants and Your Surrounding Community

Commissioning art is a fun and collaborative experience for your team and an engaging differentiator for prospective tenants.  Working with an artist and seeing your vision become a tangible piece of artwork is exciting. Installation day is always the most thrilling day for you, the artist, and the rest of your community. Public installations draw publicity and notoriety for your development and there is no more public a display of the value you put on the environment and community of your space.

For more information on how Art Force used commissioned sculptures for the NordHaus apartment complex in NE Minneapolis to help them create their Scandinavian theme, click here.


What’s your story and how can we help you tell it? From inspiration to installation, we can help your next project make a lasting impression.


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