Commissioned Art

Commissioned Art

If your organization is inspired by a specific artist, medium, or genre, Art Force can organize to commission artwork of varying complexity. By commissioning a specific work of art, your organization will have something completely unique and tailored to your aesthetic that reflects the mission and core values of your business. A display of custom art can also create an atmosphere that represents the culture of your organization. Commissioned art with Art Force provides you with a personal contact in the art industry.

Not only can art increase in monetary value, it can also increase both customer and employee acquisition and retention. Our commissioned artists can give your organization an identity and unique feel unlike any of your competitors. Art Force can assist your organization in creating a creative, inimitable atmosphere by connecting you with our commissioned artists.


We nurture original artistic creations. In the modern world, artwork is an extension of a brand’s unique values, mission, and overall identity. Make your organization or company stand out with one-of-a-kind, commissioned artwork to unlock new brand opportunities.

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Custom artwork can create a personal, professional atmosphere that will impress clients and employees alike. Commissioned art can provide a unique experience that is difficult for your competition to replicate and sets you head and shoulders above. Our art consultants can provide you with commissioned art and artists that fit your brand’s message. An exuberant, colorful painting or an intricate sculpture can be the perfect first impression for any client.

Brand Identity

We create atmospheres that are tough to emulate. The expertise of our art consultants helps you differentiate your brand with a keen eye for detail. We can help you build an environment that inspires unique creativity and innovation that is hard for the competition to copy.


In addition to impressing clients and potential business associates, unique art can also create a positive, efficient atmosphere for your employees. A splash of color or an abstract display of art can inspire your entire organization. Partnering with Art Force allows you to connect with local artists and commission artwork that promotes the company culture your organization is striving for.


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