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How to Use Color to Enhance your Workplace

The Psychology of Color

Color psychology is the study of how colors can affect feelings, moods and behaviors of those around them. It’s no surprise that this practice has come to be widely used in marketing, art, and interior design. Although everyone’s taste is different, certain principles have been found to be consistent across various studies, and design leaders know how to wield the power of color! The color of a space has the power to excite and stimulate or tranquilize and depress. Knowing how to use these effects throughout your environment can create a positive impact on employee productivity and overall mood.

Using Color in the Workplace

Color can be a powerful tool for interior designers to influence the actions, moods and even physiological reactions of building occupants. Business owners realize how powerful color can be for the productivity and well being of their employees. According to a study by Creighton University, color can be “highly influential in employee emotions and efficiency”. Knowing where and how to use different colors can be key in building the perfect office environment. Studies suggest that shades of blue and green can be some of the best colors for office environments. In fact, according to Professor Steve Palmer of UC Berkeley, “cross-culturally, the most highly favored color is a very saturated blue”. Blue is the most commonly reported favorite color, and has been shown to aid in trust, communication and efficiency. Because of these values associated with the color, expert Eugene Feygin recommends using blue in brainstorming and inter-company meeting spaces. Studies have linked the color green with broader thinking and creative thought.

How Art Can Enhance your Space’s Use of Color

Too much of one color, however, can leave a space feeling off balance. While yellow has been found to stimulate and energize, when over used, it can lead to an increase in anxiety and temper. Instead, designers often utilize accents of certain colors to evoke a desired mindset or mood for a space. A splash of orange, for example, can boost performance and generate enthusiasm. Artwork can be the perfect way to add color to your space. Without repainting your office, pieces of art can bring specific splashes of color to your space. Although the color grey has been shown to inspire passivity and lower energy levels, a grey wall can become powerful with the addition of colorful artwork. Each space can have a splash of color that best suits its purpose. With art, offices can even rearrange and switch the colors of their office to refresh and change the mood of their space at will.

Our consultants are experts in evidence based design practices and have extensive experience in selecting pieces that build an environment conducive to employee performance and well being. We understand color and know how to pick the perfect piece to make your space come alive. We’ve helped countless organizations with their art needs – connect with us to discuss how your office can benefit from a boost of color!

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