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How You Can “Purchase With Purpose” Through Cause-Based Artwork

“We live in a world of far too much chaos, confusion and some time’s even outrage causing so much stress in our lives (which also brings on illness).  With my art, I seek to counteract all that, to paint the ever constant inspiration of the beauty and life that exists in nature with the hope that it also resonates within the viewer as a healing contemplative relief as it has been to me as well.” – Sarah McHugh, Still Life artist.

Cause-based artwork is artwork that supports a cause. Artwork created by artists with health challenges is a segment of cause-based artwork that has become increasingly popular in healthcare facilities. Health challenged artists know healthcare best, and the artwork created by these artists can be a powerful story to uplift and inspire through the power of shared experience. In order to bring cause-based art to healthcare facilities nationwide, Art Force created the Wings Suite – a collection of curated artwork designed to empower health challenged artists from all walks of life. 

The Wings program gives individuals living with health challenges the opportunity to create art in partnership with non-profits who offer supportive services and arts programming. Art Force then sells this unique artwork and proceeds from the sale benefit both the individuals and the organizations through our community fund, Art Force MSP. To learn more about the non-profit organizations that our community fund supports, click here.

Wings artist Devin Wildes, found his voice through art – quite literally. As a young autistic artist, his is a story of triumph. Through the power of art and family, Devin surpassed all expectations to not only speak, but move the world around him through his art. Art Force MSP partnered with Devin and his supporting organization Fraser, to advance Devin’s art career and to support the special needs community together. Fraser is an organization that serves children and adults with special needs through comprehensive education, healthcare and housing services. They are Minnesota’s leader in Autism services and we are proud to work with Devin to support the work they do for our community. You can find more information about Devin and purchase his artwork here

“When he started doing art, the one thing that we noticed was that he was really in his own skin. And you can see… that pride that is resonating throughout his body.” – AJ Paron-Wildes, Devin’s Mother

In partnership with The Creative Center at University Settlement in New York City to bring the creative arts to healthcare, the Still Life collection is another program within our Wings Suite. Still Life showcases a compelling collection of images created by professional artists who are living with illnesses. The Still Life Collection brings you 24 images from nine artists available as framed paper or canvas prints. The collection also supports the creation of image-based collaterals such as posters, notecards, and personal-sized prints tailored to the needs of each client. 

“When cancer entered my life I started walking about with a camera, searching. It was a form of meditation and the pictures I captured allowed me to enjoy those moments in time, again and again. At that point I realized I wanted to teach people to open their senses and experience the full range of what they see. Because – to see is a gift!” –Paula Goldfader, Still Life artist

The artwork in our health-related cause-based artwork programs serve as an opportunity for self-expression, allowing each artist to express more than the label of their illness or diagnosis. A beacon of hope for health challenged artists and the people who support them, these programs create a continuous cycle of inspiration for everyone it touches.

For more information on our Wings Suite program, click here

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