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How LEAN Can Maximize your Art Budget

Learn how you can utilize our Creative Standardization Process to place more artwork for less money.


The Challenge:

A local health organization was opening a new hospital and needed to cover their expansive walls while working within a limited budget.

The Solution:

Art Force installed a collection of over 365 works of art at the new facility by following our Creative Standardization Process and by utilizing our LEAN production and installation methods. Our Creative Standardization Process allowed us to deliver a mix of original fine art, locally sourced sculptures and framed reproductions to effectively cover their space while remaining within budget. Our framed reproductions were produced in-house, and thanks to our LEAN facility and trained staff, we value engineered an end product to fit the space and budget.


The collection was designed to draw affinities to the local natural environment, specifically the facility’s proximity to the Mississippi River. One of the major works installed was River of Light by Alexander Tylevich. Located in the main lobby, the sculpture includes over 800 pounds of dichroic glass (top,left). Senior Art Consultant and Business Development Executive Jennifer Lindgren leveraged her connections with local artists and also issued a call for new local art. Doing so allowed the project to remain within budget and to utilize a variety of artists, including professional local artists and the facility’s own employees.

With over twenty years of art consulting experience, Jennifer has worked on a variety of diverse projects, from small businesses to enterprise clients with multiple locations. Her wealth of experience allows her to efficiently deliver her clients’ vision, from inspiration to installation. The combination of her experience and our LEAN production allowed our client to place 50% more art than anticipated. Request a proposal to find out how far your art budget can go!

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