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Can Artwork Increase Occupancy Rates?

Building Brand Experience with Artwork

In recent years, the amount of multi family real estate construction has lead to an increasingly competitive market for attracting renters. Occupancy rates have decreased while at the same time average national rental prices have risen around 4% in the last year. Although demand for multifamily real estate is expected to stay strong, renters now have an excess of choices when deciding on their next apartment. This has lead to an “amenities arms race” with designers and developers including more and more elaborate offerings to entice renters.

It’s now more important than ever when planning multi family developments to create a design that delivers a powerful brand experience. Your aesthetic choices should tell a unique and compelling story to prospective and current tenants. When selected properly, the art in your property provides a significant ROI. The right artwork can be an impactful way to tell your property’s story during tours, social media posting, and other marketing efforts. This translates into real increases in occupancy rates, and even opportunities for higher opening rental prices. 

Artwork has been an increasingly popular tool for pushing the experience of a residential space. Including artwork in community spaces can help tenants feel at home, and potential renters identify with your residence. When compared to many other amenities, artwork is a budget conscious way to build your brand, and retains its value far longer.

Using Local Artwork to Connect With Your Community

Increasing the connection to your city can be key for attracting new tenants and building relationships with your community. Artwork from local artists is a great way to tie your development to the surrounding neighborhood. Renters want to feel that their building supports and values their surroundings.

Public art such as murals and sculptures can make your property stand out! Installations can draw publicity and notoriety for your development, and there is no more public a display of the value you put on the environment and community of your space. Art Force has connected numerous developments around the country with our extensive network of artists to commission distinctive artwork to differentiate them in the marketplace.

Sourcing Local Artwork, Nationwide with Art Force

We’ve worked with some of the largest developers and architecture firms in the country to find the perfect pieces to complement their developments. When a client is looking to commission an original piece for their space, Art Force will work with an artist to create an installation that will flow with the architecture, design and brand of their building. When providing prints by local artists we can create a value engineered product in our in house production facility to provide more art for budget.

With over a decade of experience, our processes make this part of your project simple and efficient. Our project management and production specialists provide services in the following areas:

  • Nationwide shipping and installation services
  • LEAN project management for efficient and timely installations
  • Value engineered printing and framing of artwork by local artists
  • Calls for original art to artist local to your development


Refreshing Environments With Subscription Art

Maintaining a fresh environment pays dividends when it comes time for current tenants to renew their leases. By including rotating installations of fine art, you can keep your tenants engaged with your community. Our clients who utilize the SmartArt Subscription Program pay a monthly fee, and can rotate their collection every six months or choose to keep their art as long as they want with an option to eventually purchase their pieces. Every rotation is sure to fit with your desired image and company values, and will create excitement with everyone who encounters your space.

Some of our projects have even included small galleries of local art that are periodically switched out. For these projects, we provide consulting and curation services to help maintain a compelling collection. Every new rotation provides an opportunity to bring together your community to celebrate the new installation.

Using the SmartArt Proposal To Efficiently Set Budget, Timeline, and Art Selections for Multi Family Developments

We understand real estate development involves a host of moving parts and timelines. While working with some of the largest developers in the country, we’ve perfected the SmartArt Proposal to make integrating art into your projects as easy and budget friendly as possible.

We’ve perfected our proposal process to seamlessly integrate with your project management systems and internal needs. The SmartArt Proposal is designed to be:

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Easy

Use the form below to request a SmartArt Proposal to see how your next project can utilize artwork to build your residential experience!

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