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Beyond Office Decoration: 5 Pinterest Workspace Themes that Sizzle!

Reclaimed office decor

Beyond Office Decor

Anyone else spend a little too much time walking the halls of Pinterest for office décor inspiration? If you are guilty of this all-too-common past time, you are in good company.

Pinterest is a creative search engine for the crafty at heart. Beyond generating new ideas, it has the potential to reveal ways to make your existing spaces do new and exciting things. (Usually for less money than you expect!)

Beyond Office Decoration

It’s true. While we’re in the business of advising you on artwork, we don’t mind spreading the love. So let’s take a walk through the halls of Pinterest to find five workspace office décor themes that really pop!

1. The “Why Didn’t I think of That?” Office

Office Decor Ideas

Image Source saved from top to bottom & left to right:
Word Press, Brit Moran, Lonny Magazine

Extra points for creativity! Much of the office décor battle is won and lost by taking existing obstacles, structural components, wires, or even fire extinguishers (apparently!) and making them shine.

Where one person sees an empty wall and pesky wire, another sees a city skyscape. Where once your burning Pop-Tart in the toaster was just a fire hazard, now there’s Scuba Steve to the rescue. Where once stairs just brought you upstairs, they now can elevate your state of mind.

Making every space count is the name of the game. Major points to these office décor gurus.

2. The Super Artsy Office

Superhero office decoration

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Who says you need to grow up the minute you don the white collar?

From the instant customers or employees enter the doors, they know work and play go hand-in-hand. The culture for many modern companies not only embraces superhero culture, but encourages it. Whole industries are built on it, in fact! Capturing the unique aesthetic and values of your organization is all part of the fun. As more millennials suite up for the workforce, this is something that many of us are very happy to see.

Consider the pin with Superman and Wonder Woman. Ready to jaw drop? that work of art was done entirely with 8,024 post-it notes! Thanks for that gem.

Commissioned artwork is one way to create a unique and modern twist on familiar faces or there is always the do-it-yourself route. We’d advise enlisting the help of an art consultant, but hey. Don’t shy away from the creative pursuits that got you where you are today. Take time to peek over that comic and behold – your office is a comic book come to life!

3. The “Perspectivist” Office

Perspectivist Decor

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Shelby White, Alfff (right side), Office Snapshots

Yep, we made up a word. Sometimes it’s necessary when defining mind-melting office decor.

Definition: Perspectivist (pərˈspektiv/ist) noun, a person who toys with perspective to create motion, fluidity, or just something downright strange.

Part of capturing your corporate culture just might be pointing out your unique perspective. The organizations pinned above clearly understood this notion.

So what if most of the world is built on right angles? Unique office decoration can start and end with different perspectives, twisting into a beautiful pretzel of color, emotion and perspective.

4. The Reclaimery Office

Reclaimed office decor

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This is turning into a bad habit, we know. But the “reclaimery” is another new word meant to describe workplaces that embrace the “old is new” philosophy.

Within the postindustrial craze – something we’re quite fond of in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District – there is certainly something to be said for reclaimed office décor. Not only does it pay homage to the roots of your area, but it can look downright outside of space-time.

If you have a taste for wood and rust with none-so-subtle dashes of eclecticism, this might be the office décor theme for you. Not only does it demonstrate commitment to history and heritage, but it is green to the core. What’s not to like? With the right mission and attitude, this is a great office motif to embrace.

5. The Modernist Office

Modern Office Decor

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At last, a word that already exists. Just search for “modern office art” in Pinterest and be prepared to get blinded by the light. Well, half the time, anyway.

The modernist lives in a sea of deep contrast, sharp angles, minimalism and paint swatches that match or completely clash with the décor. Of course, that’s just one take on modernism, but it definitely hits a nerve. Another take, and perhaps one more to the point, is that modernism embraces consistency. Consistently inconsistent might even work! Modernism, what can we say? You know it when you see it.

You choose a style and stick with it, both in terms of your color choices and the angles you embrace. The images above paint the stark contrast between the light and the dark side of this movement.

Something’s Out There!

For everyone, something is awaiting. Perhaps that is the best about office décor. There is no right or wrong. Once you’ve chosen the direction for your office decoration, the key is to unflinchingly stick with your motif and own it.

Stay tuned for more Pinteresty excursions, because this was too much fun to not do again. Until next time, happy hunting to all the office décor aficionados out there!

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