7 Things You Might Not Know about Evidence-Based Design

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7 Things About Evidence-Based Design

Evidence-Based Design… It has an “official” sounding ring, doesn’t it? And for good reason. In a nutshell, evidence-based design (EBD) relies on credible, quantitative and (sometimes) qualitative data to inform design decisions of physical spaces that measurably affect positive outcomes. These are generally associated with patient outcomes in healthcare settings. Yet EBD is making its […]

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Doodle Art: Doodles for Your Noodles

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Doodles For Your Noodles Doodlers everywhere, rejoice! It turns out all of those mini-masterpieces you’ve been doodling over the years serve a greater purpose than annoying your boss. So doodle yourself a little high five and “Get Out of Jail Free” card the next time your pen gets to squiggling because what follows might make […]