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Can Artwork Increase Employee Productivity?

Artwork is an important part of a workplace environment that supports employee performance and encourages productivity. We’ve found that there is a wealth of information that shows that including artwork in corporate environments creates measurable improvements to employee performance.

Workplace planning and design consulting firm BOSTI found:

“there is a clear correlation between how people experience the offices they work in and their productivity levels on the job, including job performance, satisfaction…”

Artwork’s Effect on your Bottom-Line

Two university studies on how work environments can affect overall performance found clear evidence that incorporating artwork drives employee productivity:

  1. UMass Amherst’s Professor Alex Haslam’s recent study found that employees in offices decorated with pictures were 17% more productive than offices with bare walls.
  2. The University of Exeter’s Dr. Craig Knight who primarily studies the psychology of working environments has found a distinct difference in productivity between decorated and undercoated workplaces: “employees in offices with art .. work 15 percent quicker than those in offices containing only the things necessary for required tasks

Both of these studies show that artwork can yield measurable business improvements with increases in employee engagement, retention, and productivity. Now that it’s been established that your walls can boost employee performance, managers need to look at the cost of not investing in artwork for their spaces.

Let’s think about the returns that an organization that invests in artwork can expect:  If we assume an average performance increase of 15% from our two studies, a company with an annual payroll of $1,000,000 would see a $150,000 increase in productivity from their staff by investing in artwork for their space. The reality is that incorporating artwork into your workplace helps drive business performance and an organization without artwork in their offices is missing out on valuable productivity from their employees.

“More positive employee experiences are linked to better performance, extra effort at work, and lower turnover intentions.”

– IBM’s Employee Experience Index Study

Building an Environment to Attract and Retain Talent

Low unemployment numbers have given rise to an incredibly competitive market for attracting talent. Companies that invest in employee experience are experiencing huge returns as a strong culture improves overall performance. Higher employee turnover rates have a negative impact on productivity, morale and ultimately, total revenue. According to SHRM’s human resources studies, it costs up to six months worth of an employee’s wages to recruit and train a replacement. With this in mind, the question is – can you afford not to invest in your employee experience?

When compared to many other aspects of employee experience that today’s most competitive organizations are investing in, artwork is a budget conscious way to increase employee satisfaction and build your culture.

The BCA and International Association of Professional Art Advisors’ survey found that 83 percent of the employees felt that artwork was important in the work environment. Of those employees, 73 percent also said that their perceptions of their workplace and their work experiences would change if the art were removed.

According to the above study, employees are clear in their desire to have artwork in their environment. Workers spend on average 5 hours and 45 minutes working at their desks in a given day. Providing an environment that helps employees feel motivated and inspired is key to building a great culture. When well selected and managed, artwork can be an investment in your organization’s employee experience that can have real payoffs.

Working with Art Force to Build Your Organization’s Artwork Strategy

The evidence is clear, not only does artwork improve performance, but employees want work for organizations that value their workplace experience. Art Force has extensive experience working with evidence based design practices to make the most of your artwork investment. We use data to inform design decisions to help you install artwork that positively affects the people in your workplace.

When designing an artwork program for a client, we look at how to make the most impactful use of their budget. We can help you develop an art program for your organization with consistent materials, pricing, and brand imagery. Our goal is to make this process as efficient, budget-conscious, and inline with your current business practices as possible.

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