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Artist FAQ

Does Art Force sell or lease artwork?

The majority of the work Art Force places is sold to our clients. For artwork in the SmartArt Subscription Program, compensation is a monthly stipend. The subscription fee for the artwork collected from the client is evenly split between Art Force and the artist. The fees paid by clients are credited towards the option of purchasing the artwork.

What type of artwork does Art Force sell?

We most frequently place two dimensional pieces indoors but we do place both sculptural and exterior work. Given the spaces in which we work, larger sized pieces or series or groupings of smaller pieces are usually required. A variety of media including interactive media and street art will be considered. A quality standard must be met. Most of our projects are commercial or public so generally nudity, religious and political content, and the inclusion of expletives are not appropriate. With the exception of the Rotating Art Program, we purchase unframed work and frame for the project in our onsite production framing facility.

If Art Force places my work, when will I be paid?

Many of the Art Force’s clients have terms; they have a period of time after delivery in which to pay for their purchase. Art Force cuts checks every two weeks and artists are compensated after Art Force receives payment from the client. Rotating Art Program payments are dispensed at the beginning of a six month rotation for that term and then at the end of any additional increments.

How are the images that I send used?

Firstly, they are used for review. They may be added into our online dbase for both internal use and viewing by clients and potential clients.

Does Art Force commission site specific work?

Yes, many of our projects include commissioned work. The artists with whom we work are not required to create commissions but it is useful to know if you will consider such work. We respect that artists may not be interested in the commissioning process and want to stay true to the aesthetic of their body of work. We also are happy to consider working with artists who like to stretch and work with us to expand the parameters of their creative endeavors.

How are artists compensated for commissions?

Typically artists receive a 50 percent deposit and 50 percent after payment from client per usual artist payment process. (see above)

Does Art Force have the capabilities to make prints of my work?

Yes, we have a high quality large format printer in house. We have a growing body of work in our dbase for which we have licensing agreements to print images on demand for our clients.


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