Art Sourcing and Procurement

Art Sourcing & Procurement

The first step for an art consultant is to find great art! Without excellent artists creating quality work, our art consultants would have a much harder time doing their job. We support and work with a wide range of local and national artists in order to find artwork that aligns with the goals and needs of our clients.

We always keep a pulse on the industry. Since art is an investment, it is necessary for our art consultants to understand the constant changes and developments in the art market to ensure that our clients are making the wisest investment. The value of artwork has the ability to drastically change depending on industry trends; therefore, our art consultants are constantly aware of any market shifts. Sourcing both established and emerging artists, we take pride in discovering up-and-coming individuals, as well as those who have already made a mark on the art scene. It is always a priority for us to utilize fairly sourced and priced artwork.

Located in the Arts District of Northeast Minneapolis, we are in close proximity to the heart of Minneapolis’ art scene. Artists have been moving to Northeast Minneapolis since the 1980s, transforming old warehouses and factories into artist studios in which hundreds of artists work today. Historically, and continuing today, the neighborhood has drawn migrants from a wide range of backgrounds, leading to a community of diverse influences. Additionally, Northeast Minneapolis was recently named ‘Best Art District’ in the United States.

Unique Programming

We offer unique programming to meet the needs of specific industries, such as our Still Life project. A partnership between Art Force and The Creative Center at University Settlement, Still Life unites healthcare organizations and artists living with illnesses. Still Life aims to uplift the patients and staff of the healthcare organizations through the encouraging messages portrayed in these artists’ work. Professional artists who continue to produce quality artwork offer encouraging stories through their work. With the ability to relate to patients and staff, the artwork from Still Life provides an incomparable social impact.

Firestein, Cecily_Slice of Reality_work on paper_$500 + print

Diverse Offerings

We work with a variety of artists, styles, and mediums. From abstract art to photography to sculpture, we find the genre of artwork that best suits your personal tastes. While a hospital may prefer artwork that is nature-based to provide a soothing environment, an enterprise level corporation may wish for something more conceptual or abstract that requires creative thinking.  Our mediums of art have included painting, printmaking, photography, wall sculpture, textile, wood sculpture, ceramics, glass, suspended sculpture, mixed-media, and graphic design.


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