Art Framing & Refurbishment


At Art Force, we have an onsite production facility to provide the ideal framing solutions for your artwork. We build custom frames with the goal of strengthening the presentation of each piece, protecting the art to maintain its perfection and maximize its investment. Our experienced production team of expert framers and installers are key in the process of bringing the artwork from the artist studio to installing it in its final home.


Framing is integral to the presentation of artwork. While some works of art do not require any framing, for most pieces, the framing is a vital piece of the puzzle. Framing provides a multitude of benefits, both practical and visual.

The framing process incorporates the system for hanging, simplifying the installation process. Most importantly, framing is crucial for ensuring the longevity of the artwork. The frame provides the support and protection necessary for the artwork to last the test of time. Proper mounting, matting, and glass choice can all significantly impact the artwork in the long-term. Art is an investment, and proper framing will only increase the value of that investment.

Additionally, framing completes a work, adding a finished element that complements the art itself. The purpose of the frame is to enhance to art, not distract from it, while also bringing out the strongest elements of the work.

One of collages in lobby area. Various local artists were used.

We constantly innovate and adapt to changing needs. From experimenting with new materials to trying out new methods, we are always looking to create innovative and unique frames. Offering a diverse array of framing styles, from traditional and ornate to contemporary and sleek, our framers can match the design of the artwork and your organization seamlessly. Since our framing services are onsite, our art consultants can work directly with our framers to communicate and ensure the best framing technique and style for our clients.

Staff Photo 049

Our production team is Lean Six Sigma trained. A method relying on collaborative efforts to maximize efficiency, Lean Six Sigma systematically removes the 8 types of waste: time, inventory, motion, waiting, over-production, over-processing, defects, and skills. As a result, we focus on providing high quality and effective services in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Moral of the story, framing is an artwork in itself. Although it is an element often overlooked or undervalued, framing is essential for the display and endurance of most works of art.  Even Matisse understood the importance of framing, when described the four sides of a frame to be “the most important parts of a picture.”

Reframing & Refurbishment

In addition to framing new works, our expert framers can delicately and meticulously reframe and refurbish your artwork to its previous state. This process increases the value of the art assets that you already own.

We maintain the integrity of your artwork, protecting its unique history. The value of art history is extremely important to us here at Art Force. Art tells a personal story about your brand, identity, and personal art collection. Therefore, we treat your artwork with the utmost care in order to refurbish the work and lengthen its lifespan.