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How Art Force’s Creative Standardization Process Can Improve Your Next Project

Our Process

When starting a new project, it’s easy to be overwhelmed considering the endless possibilities and the realities of your budget. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes to help them define their project scope, unique image and budget range. In order to better serve our clients we’ve developed our proprietary Creative Standardization Process. This process is how we align all of our various services, products and offerings to be client-centric and efficient, while retaining the high levels of creativity necessary for stunning installations. It’s how we do business at Art Force!

A standardized process does not have to yield a standard project. We created the process to help deliver highly unique projects and ideas efficiently, and in alignment with our clients’ vision. Art Force’s Art Consultants are experts on industry design trends and emerging artists, and will help you create an environment that will wow clients and employees alike. Our projects often include a mix of original fine art and three-dimensional sculptures, custom printed graphics, as well as framed reproductions and posters. We have extensive relationships with the artists that can create the perfect piece for your space, and our centralized LEAN production facility can efficiently print, frame, and install your project. We’ve broken down the process into six easy steps below:

  1. 1. Discovery Meeting with Certified Art Consultant
  • – Initial consultation meeting with a certified Art Consultant
  • – Our Art Consultant will identify your organizations’ needs, brand, mission and values
  • – During this meeting we will begin defining the budgetary guidelines and scope for your project
  1. 2. Design
  • – We’ll work with your internal teams or interior designers to align artwork to the brand & vision of your project
  • – Our team will then plan the best locations for your installation according to floor plans and site specs
  1. 3. Art Reviews
  • – Art Consultants will present a variety of visual options for you to review
  • – We will determine the best products to fit your budget and desired project scope
  1. 4. LEAN Six-Sigma Production
  • – Our experienced project managers will coordinate your project details with our production staff
  • – Artwork procurement from our network of artists
  • – Efficient production in our centralized facility by Art Force’s LEAN trained staff
  • – Art Force staff trained in Six Sigma standards will provide quality assurance throughout the process
  1. 5. Delivery/Installation
  • – Our team will securely pack, deliver, and expertly install artwork of any medium
  • – Art Force’s project managers will insure your installation is on time and according to the agreed plan
  • – If need be, our project managers can work with our network of installers to provide nationwide installation services
  1. 6. Maintenance
  • – After your project is installed, our entire organization remains a trusted partner and will continue assisting you with any need that may arise
  • – Our project management staff will be available for any questions or concerns that may arise during your installation
  • -Art Force will be available for any relocation, back fill or new art integration in your space as your company requires

In the case studies below, we show how our process was able to help two clients create noteworthy projects while remaining on theme and under budget.

Helping a Large Healthcare Provider Develop an Image for a New Clinic While Remaining Within Budget­­

When a local health organization was opening a new hospital, they needed to cover their expansive walls while working within a limited budget. Although many of our projects will showcase our creative project management abilities, the size of this particular project highlights how our process can deliver stunning installations while remaining within a client’s budget and project scope.

In total we provided over 360 pieces of art including suspended sculptures, pottery, original fine art, and framed reproductions. This particular collection was designed to draw affinities to the local natural environment, specifically the facility’s proximity to the Mississippi River. One of the major works installed was River of Light by Alexander Tylevich. Located in the main lobby, the sculpture includes over 800 pounds of dichroic glass. Senior Art Consultant and Business Development Executive Jennifer Lindgren leveraged our connections with local artists and also issued a call for new local art. 

With over twenty years of art consulting experience, Jennifer has worked on a variety of diverse projects, from small businesses to enterprise clients with multiple locations. Her wealth of experience allows her to efficiently deliver her clients’ vision, from inspiration to installation. The combination of her experience, and our Creative Standardization Process allowed our client to place 25% more art than anticipated.

Using our Creative Standardization Process to Build the Brand of a New Multi-family Development

This past year, Art Force completed an installation for NordHaus apartments. We selected art that fit their modern Scandinavian theme featuring contemporary nature scenes, traditional Norse imagery and geometric designs throughout their space. This client worked with ESG architect’s interior team to create the unique brand for the development, including their look, color scheme, and overall theme. Art Force then collaborated with the design team to translate these guidelines into a host of unique art installations and framed art for their space.

We filled the atrium of the high-rise building with the multi-story sculpture “Yggdrasil” by Patrick Pryor. The wall behind features the northern lights inspired “Polarnatt” by Kristi Swee Kuder.

Outside the space the property features public sculptures we commissioned from local artists Sam Spiczka and Kristen Arden depicting Thor’s hammer and Norse long ships.

The building’s hallways and party room feature a mix of original fine art, sculptural installations and framed reproductions. The fine art was featured prominently in high traffic areas and reproductions were placed throughout the buildings many hallways. By combining this mix of mediums we were able to cover their walls with themed pieces while remaining within their budget.

Our network of artists and Creative Standardization Process helped us deliver the perfect art program to bring the space’s unique theme to life!

Use the form below to get in touch with an Art Consultant for your discovery consultation. Our initial meetings are free, and our certified consultants can help you determine the best way to create a new environment or update your existing space! From inspiration to installation, we can help your next project make a lasting impression.

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