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Art Force Presents at FAB Awards

L-R: Steve Brumbaugh, Rachel Davis, Greta Tacke, Shelly Rosett, Jennifer Lindgren, and Bobby Crumpton

Artwork holds an important niche in the world of interior design. Often, designers partner with Art Force’s Art Consultants to create incredible aesthetics to spaces, bringing the artwork into the overall design of the rooms.
Each year, the Northland Chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) hosts the FAB Awards that recognizes fresh, artistic, and brilliant approaches to interior design.

This year, Art Force was an event sponsor, and presented the Community & Civic Award to HGA Architects for their work on the Northrup Auditorium Renovation.

In the words of Senior Art Consultant, Jennifer Lindgren, “The FAB Awards are like a class reunion every year, to see what everyone has been doing. I love being reminded that all the aesthetic work really contributes to a greater good.”

 Greta Tacke and Jennifer Lindgren present the Community & Civic Award to HGA

Art Force works hard to partner with designers to create beautiful, fresh spaces for small businesses, Fortune 500 clients, and everyone else in between. Our website includes information on some of our most recent projects, as well as more information about each art consultant and their special skills. Photos courtesy of IIDA.