Record Number of Guests Experience Art Force at 7 Year Anniversary Party

We celebrated our 7th year anniversary with an open house party on Tuesday, May 2nd.  Our theme was “Experience Art Force” and we gave our guests the experience through guided tours, self-tours, and a live artist demo by our very own Steve Brumbaugh. Click here to see photos from previous Art Force open house parties.

Party goers were able to see the multiple areas of our space located in Northeast Minneapolis which also included our production area where they were able to see how we print, matte, joint, frame, and ship the pieces that come through our facilities. Guests were also shown our extensive printing capabilities which include large murals, window graphics, and furniture, and how we create visually appealing acoustic paneling, which we use throughout our space.

Artist Steve Brumbaugh showing guests how he paints with watercolor

Steve Brumbaugh showed guests his process for painting with watercolor in the Venture Lab. The Venture Lab is also where we showcase our Wings Program – a program featuring artwork created by individuals with health challenges – which guests also had the opportunity to see.

Ward 1’s city council member Kevin Reich was at the party and gave a thought-provoking speech about maintaining the rich history of Northeast Minneapolis as the arts district and applauded Art Force for our strong role in the creative economy for the district.

Kevin Reich giving his speech

Another one of Art Force’s partners, Bolder Options, was also featured at the gathering. Bolder Options is an innovative organization focused on healthy youth development. Art Force teamed up with Bolder Options earlier this year to design opportunities that bring art to the forefront for at-risk youth in mentorship programs. Programs include participative workshops, mural bike rides, and engaging youth to express themselves through art and social events integrating the creative community in Minneapolis – St. Paul and surrounding areas.

Recognition was given to Peter Remes with First & First who has owned the building that Art Force has leased during the past seven years. Peter took a risk with Art Force being a start-up venture seeing the original vision that has evolved over the years.

Guests were able to submit their names for door prizes which were a pair of tickets to Rock the Garden 2017 as well as a framed print titled “Dreams Across the Bridge” by artist Bill Svoboda.

“Dreams Across the Bridge” by Bill Svoboda

The winner of the pair of tickets is Kelsey Wickland from Atmosphere Commercial Interiors and the winner of the framed print is Dale Klein from Parallel Technologies. Congrats!!

Party-goer Charissa Hayden was amazed at what we’ve done with our space. “I’ve heard about how Art Force’s space is unique but it was something else to see it in person. Everywhere you look is an aesthetically pleasing treat and I would love to live and/or work in an environment like this. I think that hosting this party was a great way to show guests what their workplace could look like!”

We had an exceptional time hosting our 7 year anniversary open house and we felt the good vibes all around that night and the atmosphere of the gathering was superlative. The number 7 is a lucky one and it is said that there is a natural release of energy every seven years which encourages you to move forward and make changes. We kicked off our 7th year feeling great all thanks to our party guests and we’re feeling optimistic about what’s to come in our 7th year here at Art Force.