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Inspire. Learn. Create.

These are the driving principles of Art Force Academy. A learning community designed to bring people together from diverse backgrounds, Art Force Academy is dedicated to helping art enthusiasts from all walks of life find their passion in the wider world of artwork services.

As you will see on the Art Force Academy page, the curriculum is currently available only to Art Force staff. In the weeks and months to come, the program will undergo a drastic transition as it moves toward external audiences. That’s right! Your chance to be a part of the action is just around the corner!

Potential enrollees will get the chance to learn from professionals with decades of combined experience in art consulting and related fields. As we continue to develop a learning management system to create courses, presentations, white papers, video tutorials, and other learning tools, we invite you to look across the last few weeks of presentations that have taken place in the Venture Lab.

Venture Lab


In the Art Force Venture Lab, employees meet each Tuesday to cover a new lesson from someone in the company. The diverse backgrounds of our staff unleash the full potential of our learning community in new and exciting ways each week.

Each lesson is geared toward educating Art Force staff on components of the business with which they may not be intimately familiar. This helps us cross train and educate our employees on the nuances of our diverse products and offerings.

For instance, this last week, we met to discuss the Still Life project – a partnership between Art Force and The Creative Center.

On Still Life

The Still Life project is a new business model focused on combining the artwork service expertise of Art Force with the creative arts programming know-how of The Creative Center. In essence, Still Life empowers professional artists living with illness by collating their work for sale in hospitals and other healing environments. Proceeds from Still Life sales go directly to Still Life artists and also help support creative arts programming in hospitals by The Creative Center. It’s one of those situations where everyone involved is uplifted by the movement, both monetarily and emotionally!


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Offering a diverse mixture of subjects, color pallets, styles and substrates, the entire collection can be reprinted and co-branded on greeting cards, posters, pamphlets and other substrates upon request.

Focusing on the lessons of evidence-based design, nature-based imagery makes up a big part of the collection. The primary aim of the program is to inspire, uplift, and create hope through a “virtual support group” of creative expression. These artists have “been there” and can share their journey through the power of creative expression.

For more information on the Still Life collection, see our press release or the webpage linked above! We hope this will create a new level of healing through relation.

Still Life and AFA

During the February 23 AFA at Art Force, Director of Healthcare and Art Service, Leslie Palmer-Ross hosted a Q&A session in the Venture Lab about Still Life.

We usually like to tie in an interactive element for each meeting, and as part of this session, we experimented with creative arts programming inspired by the work of Still Life artist, Judith Hinton Andrew (Read Bio). In particular, we used her piece “Butterfly Flowers” to draw inspiration.


We wanted to understand whether the act of adhering thread to sticky paper was relaxing and therapeutic, and polled the room after a brief 15 minutes of arts and crafts time. Everyone agreed that the motion and fluidity of the medium created a sense of freedom, while at once, required a level of acceptance and working within the constraints of the medium. The pieces of thread wouldn’t go on forever, so at a point, you had to let them run their course and conclude your design based on the material constraints.

Below are the pieces created by Art Force staff during this brief excursion into creative arts programming. This is part of the creative spirit at Art Force – teaching by doing!

Still Life Collage

Water Color Tutorial

A few weeks before the Still Life presentation, AFA gathered people from around the company who were interested in learning more about Art Consultant, Steve Brumaugh’s, water coloring technique.

Steve is a gifted artist, as well as a seasoned Art Consultant, which made this a fun and illuminating presentation. He taught the group techniques of the trade and even handed out samples to let us try our hand.

[caption id=”attachment_5617″ align=”alignnone” width=”596″]Steve Brumbaugh A few cropped snapshots of Steve’s work[/caption]

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks and months to come! We will be announcing major developments for Art Force Academy soon.