Corporate Art Force

Art Events: June 2-6, 2016


This weekend’s local art events include a Minneapolis favorite, ARTCRANK, as well as a new photography exhibit, and a forum on creative sustainability. Plus, Kent Fine Art opens On Painting, and LOOP Barcelona kicks off its 13th edition.


Altered Esthetics: Brilliant Light

Friday June 3rd, 5:00-7:00pm

Opening this weekend at Altered Esthetics is a new exhibition featuring photographs taken only using natural light. The exhibition includes photos from across the globe, analyzing the effects of human touch upon the natural world.

Featured artists:

Greg Byers, Sarita Zaleha, Jennifer Chilstrom,  Miles Taylor, Dan e McFarlane, Sinan Güldal,  Ryan S. Johnson, Zach Sumners, Jes Reyes, Andrea Canter, Bert Anders, Liz Nieves,  Anna Maria Cibulsky, Emily Downes, Terry Barczak, Donny Gettinger, Jennifer Nicklay, Caitlin Strombergm Molly Nemer, Jennifer A. Schultz, Bob Roscoe

1420 South Washington Street, Minneapolis, MN 55454



Saturday June 4th, 4:00-10:00pm

artcrankImage Sorce: ARTCRANK.

Returning for its 10th year in Minneapolis, ARTCRANK will showcase handmade, bike-inspired art by local artists. The event will take place at Fulton Brewing, where in addition to the art, there will plenty of food trucks, ice cream, coffee, and of course, beer. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from all beer sales will benefit arts education programs at South Side Minneapolis Boys and Girls Club. Come by and celebrate the three things this city cannot live without: art, bikes, and beer.

Featured Artists:

Adam Martin / Adam Turman / Allan Peters / Alxndr Jones / Amy Jo / Anne Ulku / Ari Woeste / Benjamin Currie / Biafra Inc. / Brooke Ekelund / Cody Petts / Cory Loven / Day Job Design / Dogfish Media / Drew Preiner / DSchwen LLC / E Eero Johnson / Ellen Schofield / Hannah Johnson / Jaime Anderson / JC Lovely / Jess Louwagie / Katie DeYoe / Kimberly Senn / Krisna MacDonald / Leslie Olson / Maggie Pemberton / Maranatha Wilson / Matt Erickson / Maya Powell / Meher Khan / Melodie Hrabe + Joe Hrabe / Molly Poganski / Nancy Ariza / Natalie Wynings / Phen Grant / Rachel Quast / Rebeccah Erickson / Ross Bruggink / Sam Soulek / Steve “Mario” Marinelli / Steve Tenebrini / Six17 / Tim Tourtillotte / Todd Zerger / Trent Edwards / Wattle & Daub / Will Dinski / Wink

2540 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418


Creative Sustainability: What’s It Mean for the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District

Monday June 6th, 6:00-9:00pm

NEMAD Revd Forum Single Postcard

An increasingly hot topic in the community is that of creative sustainability. As the times change and new businesses and people move to the neighborhood, what happens to the creative output that originally inhabited the area?  The public forum is hosted by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Public testimonies will occur from 6-7pm, followed by speakers from the University of Minnesota, Artspace, city offices, and several local artists.

711 15th Avenue NE, 2nd Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55413


Kent Fine Art: On Painting

Thursday June 2nd 6:00-8:00pm

Eve AckroydEve Ackroyd, Grope (2015). Image Source: Kent Fine Art.

On Painting is a group show featuring a diverse range of contemporary artists that explores the human body, female equality, landscape, mythology, fear, and anxiety through painting. Presenting 6 established and emerging artists, for may of whom this will be their first exhibition in Chelsea, the artists exhibit their individual experiences, offering a resurgence to figurative and landscape painting. The exhibition will continue until July 29th.

Artists include: Kyle Staver, Eve Ackroyd, Heidi Hahn, Janice Nowinski, Jon Campbell, and Stefen Pehl.

310 11th Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, New York 10001


Loop Barcelona

June 2-4, 2016

LOOPKatarzyna Kozyra, Zak Branicka, Poland. Image Source: LOOP Barcelona.

Loop Fair is the first event of its kind to be dedicated to contemporary video artworks. Loops challenges traditional art fairs by reexamining how one views and interacts with art, particularly with the moving image. The fair presents the works throughout a hotel with each video screened in different room in order to the focus the attention of the viewer. Loop offers a unique opportunity through its presentation and unification of a diverse, yet specialized, group of artists and visitors.

Carrer Pelai 28, 08001 Barcelona