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Twin Cities Art Events: July 21-24, 2016


Twin Cities Art Events

This weekend is all about solo shows! All across the Twin Cities, you’ll find art openings highlighting the work of many talented artists.

Leslie Barlow: A Third Space

Thursday, July 21st 7:00-9:00pm

leslie barlowImage Source: Leslie Barlow.

In A Third Space, Leslie Barlow presents her first ever solo exhibition, which will take place at Flow Art Space. A Twin Cities-based painter, Leslie Barlow primarily depicts portraits that explore the complex relationships that exists within families and communities, particularly as it relates to racial identity. Barlow uses bold colors and blurred lines, leaving uncertainty in the boundaries of the individuals shown. Barlow received her MFA from MCAD this spring, appeared on Minnesota Original, and was a featured artist in Minnesota Women’s Press. A Third Space will continue through August 13th.

308 Prince St., Suite 226 St Paul MN, 55101

Scott Roper: Remnants

July 21st, 6:00-9:00pm

scott roperImage Source: MPLSArt.

¬†The ditch. Gallery presents Remnants, a solo show featuring the work of Scott Roper. Working primarily with oil paints, Roper has a style that combines classical iconography with contemporary imagery. His work explores human dichotomy that exists within desire alongside technical invention – a concept to which he refers as “Naturally Unnatural.” Viewing the making of art as something far beyond the need to create, Roper sees it as a tool in his quest for knowledge and often studies and incorporates ideas from theology, quantum physics,¬†philosophy, and theology. A key theme explored through the body of work is the impact of man upon the earth. Although the exhibition opened July 11th, the opening reception is this evening, July 21st. The exhibition will run through September 30th.

400 1st Avenue North, Suite 535 Minneapolis 55401

Austin Swearengin: Sweetheart the Rent is Due

Thursday, July 21st, 6:00-9:00pm

sweetheartImage Source: Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program.

The Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program presents Sweetheart the Rent is Due, a solo show featuring the sculptural works of Austin Swearengin. Taking place at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the opening of the show is in conjunction with Mia’s Third Thursday. Swearengin’s sculptural work explores semiotics, or the analysis of language and places his sculptures somewhere between poetic and utilitarian purposes. The exhibition will continue through September 15th.

2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis 55404

The Art of Hassan Nor

Saturday, July 23rd 7:00-10:00pm

thirdplaceImage Source: The Third Place Gallery.

Hasson Nor started to teach himself to draw 60 years ago when living in Jubaland, Somalia. Although none of the art created prior to his 2002 move to Minneapolis remains, he has continued to work consistently since. Drawing endlessly on paper rolls purchased from the Dollar Store, he then flattens the paper by placing the sheets on the cushions of his couch. His drawings depict life in Somalia during good times, when there was peace and abundant food. This exhibition at The Third Place Gallery will be the first indoor display of his work. Alongside the exhibition of his art, the show will include story telling and poetry by his grandaughter Aisha Mohamed and Kaaha Nasteexo.

3730 Chicago Ave S Studio B, Minneapolis 55407