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Twin Cities Art Events: August 13-14, 2016

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Twin Cities Art Events

This weekend hosts several art events across Minneapolis and St. Paul. Several exhibition openings and a summer festival are what’s on the agenda, always with a little something for everybody.

Creative Combustion: Exhibition & Book Release

August 11, 7:00-11:00pm

Exhibited at Gamut Gallery, Ilya Natarius selected 18 creative individuals to trace their inspiration source, whether it be physical or emotional. Natarius recorded the experience through 35mm film and interviews and then created a photo-essay that documents the various sources of creativity. The project features photographers, dancers, curators, tattoo artists, aerial performers, installation artists, master brewers, and mixed-media artists. The end result is both a book and an exhibition that explores talent and the impulse behind creating it. Natarius aimed to have the viewer authentically experience the “aura” of the subject photograph, an element often lost in the digital age. By eliminating photo manipulation, Natarius wishes to display the truest form of storytelling. Creative Combustion is on view until September 2nd.

717 S 10th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404


Gregory Ganeles Solo Exhibit

August 11, 3:00-7:00pm

Gregory Ganeles graduated from MCAD in 2010 with a BFA in painting and drawing. Ganeles creates natural and urban landscapes with an emphasis on graffiti. Ganeles was recently awarded a travel grant to photograph the street art of Berlin. From this experiences, Ganeles has produced a series of paintings that reflect upon his time in Germany. He states:

“My recent paintings are reflections of my time spent living in Berlin in the summer of 2013. While abroad I traveled by bicycle and public transport every day, taking pictures of graffiti walls and abandoned buildings, now turned into living, graffitied galleries. My new paintings focus on interior scenes, and an introduction of the human figure. I’m interested in the relationship between these figures and the graffiti environments that they occupy. My previous work has focused on the natural, urban landscapes of Minneapolis, absent of any human figures at all. I feel that in my newest body of paintings, the figure takes over, adding a sense of narrative to these candid scenes.”

The exhibition will be held at Fuse Gallery in International Market Square.

275 Market Street #265, Minneapolis, MN 55405


Living Arrangements

August 12th, 6:00-8:30pm

Presented by Form + Content Gallery, Living Arrangements is an installation exhibition by Sandra Menefee Taylor. The show juxtaposes ideas of home and landscape, posing the question of the limits of domestication. By transforming domestic images and objects with common elements – dirt, flour, glass – Taylor extends the sense of caring and belonging associated with the home out into the natural world. Sandra Menefee Taylor is a Minneapolis-based artist and member of Form + Content Gallery. Her work explores related to health, land, and body. The exhibition will continue through September 17th.

210 North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401


Little Africa

August 13th, 3:00-8:00pm

African Economic Development Solutions, Little Africa artists & business owners, and the African community invite you to the 3rd annual Little Africa Fest. The theme of this year’s festival is “Celebrating Artists & the Diversity of the Diaspora.” The festival will have storytelling, dance, poetry, musical performances, cuisine, and art.

Little Africa is a business and cultural district along Snelling Avenue in the Hamline-Midway area of St. Paul.

Hamline Park, Snelling Ave, St. Paul MN