Art Consulting

Art Consulting

Art Consulting

We bring art to business. Our art consultants are professional storytellers who match a business and its company culture to a work or collection of art. Our art consultants are highly trained, incredibly knowledgeable, and thoroughly selected in order to bring the best of the art scene to your business.

Working with a wide range of organizations, including education, healthcare, and enterprise-level organization, our art consultants help to select and curate the artwork displayed within a business setting.  Whether it is a statement piece for the lobby or hundreds of works to fill each hallway, we aim to find the ideal artwork for a professional space that will enhance the vision of the business.

Brand Alignment

We create brand alignment, translating a mission statement and company values into a visual landscape. Our art consultants dedicate themselves to understanding a business’ unique story. Your artwork should be an extension of your brand, and we can help you create an unforgettable experience.

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By taking an organization’s mission, values, beliefs, products, services, and physical space, our art consultants find the best artwork to reflect your company’s identity. As keen problem-solvers, our art consultants are known for their adaptability and understanding that no two businesses are the same.

Art Consulting Careers

We create opportunities for the future of art consulting as a discipline. At Art Force Academy, we invest in the training and education of current and future art consultants to promote innovative and inspiring new ideas. If you have a background and passion for art, check it out!

Art Consultant Certification

Art Force Academy creates a learning community of knowledge sharing through our research library and online courses. We believe in the strong impact that the role of art consultants plays and seek to provide superior education and training for the future of the field.

Intrinsic Return-on-Investment

We promote smart investments that promote intrinsic ROI. Our art consultants possess the knowledge that is necessary to make a wise art investment that will ultimately promote productivity and increase employee and customer retention. We are strong believers in evidence-based design, which relies on credible data that indicates the positive impact artwork has on those around it. While an aesthetically-pleasing space is of high importance, we find that the fundamental and emotional effects of artwork are equally, if not more, important.

Resources for Art Consultants

Our art consultants are experts on the current art scene. Staying up to date and knowing the ins and outs of the art scene is crucial for our art consultants. Our consultants work with a variety of artists and consistently seek out new artists in order to find the perfect aesthetic for a business’s culture. If you are interested in becoming an art consultant, these resources might help:

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