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Art Force’s “Art as an Asset” Philosophy

When helping clients select an art program, we maintain a focus on the returns they will receive from their art investment. Our Art as an Asset philosophy guides how Art Force’s Art Consultants select and place your art program. Your space should project an image of your organization that tells your company story and value proposition. The message your office sends when someone walks in the door can help convey your businesses’ values and culture.  

We strive to align art programs with the overall mission, objectives and unique brand of each client we work with. With strategic selection and placement of your art, we can optimize the ultimate value of your artwork investment and wall space. By maintaining this philosophy with our projects, our clients can get the most out of the investment they make in their environment.

What is an Intrinsic Return on Investment (IROI)?

IROI encompasses the intangible value of an artwork investment, including its influence on your employees, the impression it makes on clients, and the overall atmosphere your art program can create. The way you present your space can have a real impact on employees and clients alike. When meeting with our clients, Art Force’s Art Consultants work to determine your company’s needs and how your art investment can best build your environment. By projecting your values through your office’s image, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and the marketplace as a whole. This is a key consideration in our consulting process, and helps us to select an art program with optimal IROI for your organization.  

“The investment we made in our art was well worth it. I’d do it all over again in a minute. We encourage visitors because we know the impact that our firm’s environment and the art chosen will have. It quickly differentiates our firm from the competition and clearly communicates where we stand in the market place.”

James Lund – SVP of NorthRock Partners

Our belief is that companies have an opportunity to optimize their wall space by making well selected, and expertly placed art investments. We’ve done extensive research into the benefits of artwork and have found a wealth of information drawing from a field known as “evidence based design”. 

Quantifying IROI Through Evidence Based Design

Evidence based design seeks to find quantifiable, fact based benefits of certain design practices. This approach has grown in popularity and has shown real benefits of art in a work environment. Although each project and client is unique, we’ve found a set of universal benefits and principles that guide our consulting process. Art programs can help with some of the most common business challenges including attracting and retaining employees, overall productivity, and stress reduction.

“If you enrich a space, people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art.”

– Dr Craig Knight, Psychology of Working Environments at the University of Exeter

Studies into the effect of art in a work environment are clear: the quality of your workplace design can be a powerful tool for employee satisfaction. A survey of over 800 employees working for 32 companies that currently display art within the workplace has revealed that it can be a valuable business asset:

  • 78% of employees surveyed agreed workplace art helps reduce stress.
  • 94% agreed it enhances the work environment.
  • 84% agreed it was evidence of their employer’s interest in improving the quality of life in and out of the workplace.
  • 64% agreed it increases creativity and productivity.
  • 67% agreed it enhances morale.
  • 82% indicated that art is important in the work environment.
  • 73% wanted more art in their workplace, claiming it helps make them feel more ‘motivated’ and ‘inspired.”

Making a Smart Investment with Art

Our experience has also shown us that artwork holds its value better than other office investments. When comparing the residual value of traditional office equipment such as furniture, technology and branding elements, artwork does not depreciate in value in the same way. Over time, not only does it not lose its value, but it can even appreciate in value. In fact, our team has helped multiple clients raise significant money by selling their art when moving to a new space or remodeling. 

Our projects can include a mix of original fine art and printed reproductions to cover your walls while working within any budget. By utilizing our own LEAN Six Sigma trained in-house production staff we can produce higher quality and quantity of pieces for your investment. Art Force focuses on value and longevity when designing and producing your art program. Whether you are moving into a new location or looking to revamp your current space, we can help you make the most of your environment. 


– Gabe Vespasiano

Marketing Manager


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