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Art-A-Whirl 2016: Preview

Art a whirl

With 2016 marking its 21st installment, Art-A-Whirl continues to be the headlining art event of Northeast Minneapolis. Organized and presented by the Northeast Minneapolis Art Association (NEMAA), Art-A-Whirl is an open studio tour throughout the Northeast Arts District that will host over 50,000 people throughout the 3-day event. As the largest open studio tour in the country, Art-A-Whirl creates the opportunity to view private artists studios, connect with gallerists and artists, and purchase original art.

art-a-whirlImage Source: Art-A-Whirl.

Art-A-Whirl 2016

Art-A-Whirl encourages visitors to explore the neighborhood and discover new talent. Artwork is on view at over 50 locations that go beyond just studios and galleries: special exhibitions are on view at many local businesses and storefronts, as well as at private homes. Throughout these 50+ locations, that are more than 600 exhibiting artists whose practices span over 20 mediums, including photography, furniture, printmaking, clay, glass, painting, and much more. Throughout the open studio tours, many artists incorporate demonstrations, mini-workshops, or a special exhibitions of work.

ART-A-WHIRL Image Source: NEMAA.

Art-A-Whirl establishes the unique opportunity to meet local artists, go behind the scenes, ask questions, discuss techniques, and experience art first-hand. The annual event helps to foster a community around the local art scene while also providing the opportunity to support and invest in the creativity that makes the Northeast Arts District so vibrant.

art-a-whirl Image Source: NEMAA.

With the countless events at many different locations, Art-A-Whirl decided to develop an app, a new feature for 2016, which organizes the weekend’s events, maps out every location, provides discounts at numerous local businesses, and also connects with social media. The development of the app was possible through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and a partnership with VON91. Although Art-A-Whirl already creates a printed Artist Directory & Guide, which includes details about locations and events, visitors are often overwhelmed or confused by the amount of things to do. The app hopes to address these problems and assist in navigating the weekend.

You can download the 2015 Art-A-Whirl Map here.

Art-A-Whirl and NEMAA are all about supporting local artists and businesses. If you purchase artwork from a NEMAA artist during Art-A-Whirl, the artist will give you a sticker that reads, “I Bought Art.” If you wear the sticker to participating local businesses, you will receive special discounts (details are listed in the app). The reciprocal promotion is aimed at highlighting all things local.

art-a-whirl stickerImage Source: NEMAA.


The Northeast Minneapolis Art Association is a non-profit arts association that utilizes the arts to create a more dynamic, diverse, and economically-healthy environment. NEMAA supports a community where artists can live, work, and showcase their work. Founded by a collective of artists in 1995, NEMAA now has over 800 members, including artists, businesses, art patrons, non-profits, neighborhood groups, and individual donors. In addition to Art-A-Whirl, NEMAA organizes the Fall Fine Arts Show and Wintertide biennial juried exhibition.


Art-A-Whirl 2016 Dates and Times:
Friday, May 20th –  5:00-10:00 p.m.
Saturday,  May 21st –  12:00-8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 22nd –   12:00-5:00 p.m