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Alan Jin

Alan Jin

Infatuated with the coloring page he created for us, we wanted to learn about the man behind the design so we asked him some questions:

Coloring page design created for Art Force by Alan Jin
Coloring page design created for Art Force by Alan Jin

Q: How did you become an artist?

A: Like most kids (I think anyway) I started my art career off with terrible crayon drawings of dinosaurs and robots and dragons and the like. Unlike most kids, I kept drawing the rest of my life. I don’t know what age it is that kids stop wanting to draw but whatever happened to them didn’t happen to me. As I grew older, I would have to say that reading comic books with jaw dropping artwork is what inspired me to keep becoming better. In high school, my closest relationship with a teacher was with my art teacher who is an inspiration to me.  Her classroom was my sanctuary in that school and if not for her and that classroom I may be a different person than I am now.

“Kick Push” by Alan Jin

Q: How and where do you find inspiration?

A: I find inspiration from spiritual revelations, life lessons, and ego death. I am more inspired when I am more in touch with my surroundings. One notable change in my work is I have developed a huge respect for and interest in sacred geometry, radiating patterns, circles, and the golden ratio.

Q: What is your process for beginning a piece?

A: Honestly, I don’t know how my pieces begin. Sometimes, the whole idea comes out of nowhere, and sometimes I will have an idea of what I want to convey but almost always once I’ve started I will have another idea that I try to combine into it.

Q: On average, how long does it take you to complete a piece?

A: I either stay up all night and finish a piece or I work on it periodically over the course of months and even years in some cases. When I used to prefer ink and watercolor, I could finish a piece in a matter of hours. The past couple years I decided to try my hand at oil painting and due to the nature of the medium those paintings take me much longer. More recently, I have largely increased the canvas size of paintings I am working on. Basically my answer is I have no idea.

Artwork by Alan Jin. Watercolor.
Artwork by Alan Jin

Q: Have you ever created a piece and decided you just couldn’t give it up? What is the story behind that piece?

A: Absolutely. What drives me internally to create art is to release my inner conflicts and realizations. Sometimes I can look at a piece and it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is but certain pieces evoke emotions in me that remind me of my life at the time. There’s a few of those for every artist I believe.

Q: Do you have a favorite artist?

A: Two, Salvador Dali and Alex Grey.

Artwork by Alan Jin. Watercolor.
Artwork by Alan Jin

Q: What are your goals or hopes for the future in what you create?

A: I don’t want to limit myself to any one medium. That’s all. I am excited to see how my art develops and evolves as I do. I’ve really gotten into photography and the Adobe suite lately, something that has already been producing pleasing results for me when I mix my photos and traditional artwork. I know that’s not the answer you are looking for though. My goals and hopes for the future for what I create is this- When people see my art, whether or not they are having a great day or a terrible one, that they pause and remember that the world is a beautiful place.

Q: When someone walks into your studio, what will they find?

A: A mess.

Photograph from the “My City” collection by Alan Jin
"Galactic" by Alan Jin
“Galactic” by Alan Jin
"Howligan pt. 2" by Alan Jin
“Howligan pt. 2” by Alan Jin
Photograph from the "My City" collection by Alan Jin.
Photograph from the “My City” collection by Alan Jin
Photograph from the “My City” collection by Alan Jin