Shelly Rosett: Director of Art Consulting Services

Director of Art Consulting Services, Shelly Rosett has over 18 years of experience managing national art programs for many Fortune 100 companies. Projects range from 150 murals, larger than life metal sculptures, to budget conscious posters in standard framing. She currently leads the art consultant team at Art Force. Rosett is also a Director serving on the 2014 Board of Minnesota Commercial Real Estate Women (MNCREW).

Rosett is from Embarrass, a small town located in Northern Minnesota. With an average annual temperature of 34.5 °F, Embarrass is the coldest place in Minnesota.

“It was nice, as a child I spent most of my time outside with various pets – cats, dogs, a goose and goat,” Rosett said. “I grew up playing in the fields, taking long walks on dirt roads, and participating in outside activities whenever possible.” Rosett said. “Being able to look out the window and see deer nearly every night was neat – not to mention the occasional bear, wolves, moose, and eagles. I loved living close to the boundary waters, being able to be on or in a lake within minutes.”

So how did a girl from a small town in Northern Minnesota discover her love for creativity?

“I have always been creative, and I have some talent in drawing, painting in oils and watercolor, and stained glass,” Rosett said.

Rosett also happens to be the only one in her family that is creative.

“They all think I’m the odd one…ha!” Rosett said.

Rosett moved south from Embarrass to Duluth to study Art History and Studio Art at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Campus.  She also has a couple of near minors in Archeology and Teaching Art. Rosett appreciates all kinds of art for the creative process required to make it what it is, no matter what style.

“I do like surrealism and Salvador Dali is one of my all-time favorites,” Rosett said.

Apart from her creative side, Rosett has many other interesting qualities about her.

“I have a license to deal blackjack, I love kickboxing, and I just discovered I love kayaking and want to own one so I can plan kayak trips and bring my Jack Russell Abby with as my mascot,” Rosett said.

Rosett currently resides in a suburb of Minneapolis with her dogs Tucker and Abby and their cat, Java.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 763.567.2214