Leslie Palmer-Ross: Director of Healthcare and Art Services

Leslie Palmer-Ross

Director of Healthcare and Art Services, Leslie Palmer-Ross has been working at Art Force since its inception five years ago and has worked in the art industry for twenty-seven years.

Palmer-Ross received in B.A. in Art History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her M.A. in Arts Administration at Saint Mary’s University.

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Two years ago Art Force decided to focus more on the healthcare segment of the business and Palmer-Ross was given the leadership role in that division.

“Our division helps create clinic and hospital environments that promote healing and wellness for patients, families, visitors, and staff,” Palmer-Ross said.  “I sincerely believe that art makes an incredibly positive impact in the world but it is especially important in healthcare settings.”

Palmer-Ross finds the stories that are told through art pieces is what makes art so interesting. Leslie recently co-developed an art program of work created by individuals with health challenges.

“Whether in a museum viewing a piece from the Renaissance commissioned by a patron or in a community center taking in a work by a developmentally challenged adult, each piece contains layers of meaning about the experience of the artist, his or her community and the period of time in which the work was created,” Palmer-Ross said. “The art by itself is spectacular but the process, motivation, and story behind the actual artwork is at least as significant and sometimes even more interesting!”

Palmer-Ross is also immensely interested in “place” and “place-making” and has been quite engaged in formal and informal gatherings of artists, business owners, and community members in Northeast Minneapolis. Palmer-Ross has led walking history tours of East Hennepin Avenue through the Northeast Business Association.

“I even led some of my Art Force co-workers on a walk around our neighborhood complete with a quiz about the presidents whose names grace the streets on which we walked.”

Palmer-Ross is also on the board of directors of The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and a member of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association.