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5 Reasons Why Art is Good for Business

At the end of the day, it’s our business to improve your business. Art not only creates beautiful spaces, but it can actually help your bottom line in very measurable ways. We create what some have called return on environment (ROE) or an intrinsic return on investment.

ROE can range from quantifiable improvements to employee productivity to those intangible moments like a lift of an eyebrow or a “wow!” as a client walks through your lobby. The brand alignment created between your corporate values, culture and physical spaces connects the philosophy and true value of an art investment. 

So, how can art help your work environment? To start with, art engages your team. Lets look at the results from a survey of over 800 employees at 32 companies:

art engages employees

Not only is art valued by your employees, but it also has been shown to reduce stress and drive productivity. Art Force has extensive experience working with Evidence Based Design. For those new to Evidence Based Design (EBD), it is the practice of utilizing evidence and data to inform design decisions that positively affect the people within their respective environment. 

Within the realm of healthcare, EBD is a powerful tool for driving well-researched decisions via hospital design and the artwork selected to improve the patient experience. You can read our complete guide to the healing power of art here.

how art reduces stress

art increases productivity

Art can also have an impact on the way clients and the community view your business. The message your office sends when someone walks in the door can help convey your businesses’ values and culture

art enhances your brand

Not only is your art investment beneficial for your office and employees, but it helps support the local community and creative economy. Our offerings, including creative project management, comprehensive art management and subscription finance program, all help us support the creative professionals that provide us with art and enable us to provide charitable contributions and events. Since inception, Art Force has worked with over 150 clients and over 1,000 artists to place over 30,000 pieces of art nationwide. Each piece placed has allowed us to host community outreach events, champion health challenged artists, and contribute over $100,000 to more than 20 charitable and non-profit organizations since 2013.

art benefits your community

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