Wings: Empowering Health Challenged Artists

Wings is a collection of artwork created by individuals with health challenge. It’s an opportunity for you to display art and give back to organizations driving life-restoring work. The Wings program gives individuals living with health challenges the opportunity to create art in partnership with non-profits who offer supportive services and arts programming. Art Force then sells this unique artwork and proceeds from the sale benefit both the individuals and the organizations.

Art Force can provide Wings pieces in any quantity, and frame them to meet your specific needs. To complete the story on your walls, many Wings pieces come with the narrative behind the piece. Displaying these stories on your wall makes a measurable impact both on the lives of people walking through your space, and those who created the pieces. Find out more about how you can have these pieces and their stories in your space.

Wings Artist: "A disability can take over..."

It gets in your mind and becomes who you are. Even though it shouldn’t. A title, a label, a hurtle, a wall. Who am I really? A diagnosis? No, I am an artist. That’s what I choose.

Each time I paint or assemble I am taking back my name. I would do this in isolation all by myself but to share with another is profoundly gratifying. It isn’t the money. It isn’t even the compliment. It’s that you join me in celebration. You see who I am – not a label – something to manage, but rather, a garden growing and changing.

Positive Distraction

The essence of Wings is positive distraction… A new focus – a new focal point – centering the value of the individual on, well, the individual rather than the illness. Inspiration and hope are natural reactions to such an inspirational collection.

The artwork serves as an opportunity for self-expression, allowing each artist more than the label of their illness or diagnosis. A beacon of hope for health challenged artists and the healthcare organizations who support them, Wings creates a continuous cycle of inspiration for everyone it touches.

A Small Glimpse

Here you will see a small glimpse of the Wings collection. For more information and pricing, head over to or request a free art consultation.

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