Subscription Program


$1 Per Day - 1st Piece FREE - The Smartest Way to Invest in Fine Art!

High quality fine art for your space for as little as $1.00 per piece per day!
Start with your 1st piece FREE and add as few as 3 pieces and pay as you go until you own your art or exchange it for new art periodically!



Our subscription plan is flexible and cash friendly. You can add art to your subscription at any time. Decide to purchase or exchange.


The subscription program includes framed prints or original art, providing many options from our art showcase.

Option to Exchange

Clients enrolled in our subscription program have the option to exchange artwork after 12 months or more often if necessary.


We offer a 30 day fee trial and an initial 12 month subscription.

Pay As You Go!

Most art is paid for within 24-48 payments if you choose to own!

Professional Consulting

Professional consulting is included. Let us help you select the best art for your space!

Start a Project

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