Custom Framing

Custom Framing

Custom Framing

At Art Force, we take as much pride in our custom frames as we do in the artwork they are built to protect. With an onsite production staff that is LEAN – Six Sigma trained, our framing practices represent industry leading efficiency and extensive research and development (R&D).

With decades of combined experience in framing and hanging, we practice efficiency, conservation and innovation at every phase of the production process. Our custom frames can meet the needs of any project, large or small.

Art Framing

Framing Options

At Art Force, we have thousands of framing options that will meet any client’s needs. Anything not listed here can easily be ordered or created, so please let your imagination run wild.

For a few ideas, consider these basic frame categories for your next job:

  • Wooden frames: Sourced from dozens of vendors, we have wood frames of every variety.
  • Metal Frames: Silver, bronze, aluminum – you name it and we’ll have it.
  • Collage Picture Frames: We have the ability to construct collage frames of all shapes and sizes.
  • Gallery Wraps: If you want your art to pop, our gallery wraps are a great option.
  • Cable Walls: Who says art needs to hang from a wall? Cable walls can create new areas for hanging art that didn’t previously exist.
  • UV Filtering Capabilities: For artwork directly exposed to intense sunlight, UV filtering options are available to slow the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.
  • Reframing Services: As part of our art refurbishment and reframing services, we can reframe old artwork to give it new life.
  • Ornate and Rustic Frames: If you are looking for something more intricate, rustic or ornate, we will have options for you.

We could continue listing options, but you get the idea. We have frames for days. Just name your request and see it done!

Volume Pricing

Pricing that Meets Your Needs

With an installation network stretching across the United States and Canada, we offer competitive volume pricing that make larger projects more affordable. Whether your organization spans the nation or is just getting started, we’ll have expertly trained framers and installation pros prepared to quickly and efficiently perform art installations of all sizes.

While our volume pricing rates are proprietary, please contact Art Force for a quote and we will be happy to work within your specific needs and desires.

Return On Investment

Our Return-On-Investment (ROI) Philosophy

If you’ve read through our website, you have probably noticed our commitment to return-on-investment. We carefully manage material cost and pass savings onto the clients we serve through process and material efficiency. As custom framers with a full scale production facility, we pride ourselves on our ability to put the customer first.

Within the world of art, ROI is often based on intrinsic principles like employee and customer satisfaction and retention and the potential for art to appreciate in value. Our aim is to create value through efficiency to drive tangible ROI. At the very least, our custom frames will protect your investment for decades to come.

SmartArt Program

SmartArt Financing and Art Rotation

As a major value-add to the clients we serve, we also offer pay-as-you-go plans through our SmartArt Program. Not only does SmartArt give you the flexibility you need to experiment with your art collection, but we also offer an art rotation program after six months of service.

Our payment tiers help standardize pricing and make budgeting easy:

  • Silver $33.00 mo/per piece
  • Gold $44.00 mo/per piece
  • Platinum $55.00 mo/per piece

On average, artwork is paid within 2-4 years.

For more information on how SmartArt can bring your framing needs to the next level or for more information about our custom frames, please contact us today.