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Art Force is the Premier Artwork Service Provider for healthcare organizations, corporations large and small, and educational institutions. Our artwork uplifts and inspires, driving customer, employee and patient satisfaction.


We are capable of customizing solutions to meet your specific needs. Below are just a few of the services provided by Art Force.

Artwork Services


Art Consulting

Our art consultants are highly sought, carefully selected and meticulously trained to know the ins and outs of the art scene so you can focus on the key components of your core business.

  • We promote wise investments that drive intrinsic ROI. Our art consultants possess the deeper knowledge you need to make a wise art investment that will promote productivity, increase employee and customer retention and create a unique “feel” and identity for your business or organization.
  • We create opportunities for the future of art consulting as a discipline. At Art Force Academy, we invest in new ideas that drive creative innovation. In the coming years, we will be launching a new and robust curriculum to keep up with the continuously changing world of art.

Wings & Still Life

We offer two unique program for healthcare organization, Wings and Still Life, that aim to uplift and inspire the patients, staff, and visitors of these facilities.

  • Wings: We are strong believers in the therapeutic power of creating art. An element of our SmartArt program, Wings allows patients the opportunity to make and display art with the intent of raising spirits and creating positive energy.
  • Still Life: By uniting professional artists living with illness and healthcare settings, Still Life shares the inspiring stories of artists who have overcome challenges, seeking to invigorate those within healthcare settings.

Art Sourcing & Procurement

From all walks of life, we empower both home-grown and national artists to tell your unique brand story with compelling visual narratives.

  • We nurture mutually beneficial private-public partnerships. For healthcare organizations and corporations of all sizes, we tap into the creative scene of local and national art communities to find, frame and place valuable art assets.
  • We create authentic and inviting environments. If you wish to represent your community and brand, we offer art sourcing and procurement of fine art, abstract art, modern art or any other art form that fits your needs.

Commissioned Art

If your organization is inspired by a specific artist or art form, Art Force can align organizations with commissioned artwork services of varying complexity.

  • We nurture original artistic creations. In the modern world, artwork is an extension of a brand’s unique values and mission. Make your organization or company stand out with original, commissioned artwork to unlock new brand opportunities.
  • We create atmospheres that are tough to emulate. The expertise of our art consultants helps you differentiate your brand with a keen eye for detail. We can help you build an environment that inspires unique creativity and innovation that is hard for the competition to copy.

Art Financing & Rotation


Art Financing & Rotation

The originators of the SmartArt Program, we provide flexible finance-to-own payment packages.

  • We provide flexibility for organizations large and small. We believe financial concerns should never prevent a company or organization from enjoying the uplifting benefits of art.
  • We create opportunities for art exchange and rotation programs. With the option to rotate art after six months, your organization benefits from built in “wiggle room” for carefully choosing your best collection over time.

SmartArt Program

Our three primary payment tiers are:

  • Silver ($33.00 mo/per piece)
  • Gold ($44.00 mo/per piece)
  • Platinum ($55.00 mo/per piece)

Custom Framing


Art Framing

With an onsite production facility and Lean Six Sigma trained production staff, our team of production experts build custom frames that promote longevity and efficiency for your art investment.

  • We uphold best practices for art maintenance. Our custom frames increase the value of your artwork while protecting your investment for years to come. We offer volume pricing and an installation network that stretches across the United States and Canada.
  • We create new products to meet your changing needs. Art Force is always experimenting with new materials and methods for framing your artwork in unique and innovative ways. Our state of the art facility stresses efficiency so we can pass the cost savings onto the clients we serve.

Reframing and Refurbishment

If your existing art assets are losing their luster, we can carefully reframe and refurbish artwork to its original state, creating new value for the artwork you already own.

  • We protect history with art maintenance and refurbishment services. We highly value art history and the unique story it tells about your brand, identity or your personal art collection. We will treat your unique history as our own and take great care to extend the lifespan of your artwork.
  • We create new meaning for “old” but highly meaningful artwork. We can offer additional art solutions that will compliment your existing art refurbishment and carry on the unique narrative or story you wish to tell.

Visual Solutions


Custom Displays

Utilizing the power of mixed-media, along with shelving and pedestals, we can create custom displays that prominently highlight elements of your organization.

  • We offer 3D display options that are truly custom. Our state of the art printing facility allows us to be extremely flexible to meet your specific requests.
  • Displays create opportunities to engage with visitors on a deeper level. If you wish to showcase specific achievements or elements of your organization, custom displays can capture the attention of your visitors.

Custom Graphics

Art Force can also help with corporate signage, custom graphics, or other branded assets that can be added to your space seamlessly.

  • We provide custom graphic solutions that make lasting impressions. If you want to convey your brand identity visually, we can create a unique presentation of your mission statement, incorporate clever marketing posters, etc.
  • We create graphics that integrate with your environment. With ideas to assimilate your logo or brand imagery with the interior design, such as wallpaper, projections, and build outs, we can make your brand become one with the physical space.

Creative Installations

Beyond shelving and pedestals, we offer a variety of innovative ideas for incorporating physical installations into your work space.

  • Our installation can be practical and aesthetic. From acoustic walls, to architectural wall elements, to transforming everyday objects into art, we provide a myriad of ideas that serve multiple purposes.
  • Installations make an impact. Any time clients, customers, or employees visit your space, they will be more likely to remember their experience with the addition of a remarkable installation.

History Walls

An increasingly popular format for those who wish to express their specific background, history walls utilize pictures and prose to tell the unique story of an organization.

  • We tell compelling brand narratives through history walls. We will work closely with your staff to pinpoint the milestones in your company’s history to tell your story accurately.
  • We create a sense of belonging and shared history for your patrons. By utilizing the background of your company, history walls create a shared identity for your clients and employees.

Comprehensive Art Management


Inventory Management

We utilize a detailed RFID Tracking System, create comprehensive reports and offer online image archiving and file storage for the clients we serve.

  • We offer detailed inventory management solutions. Inventory management helps you track and manage your art assets. For most organizations, this provides validation for financial reporting and saves time when you want to locate or move your artwork.
  • We create and maintain a database that helps you easily relocate art. If you already have a large art collection, we can reassess its placement to maximize impact.

Asset Management

Art Force is the only company in the world that offers a Comprehensive Art Management Program. We can help you evaluate, design, propose and implement a comprehensive art management system.

  • We provide turnkey asset management solutions. For both fine art and art reproductions, our Comprehensive Art Management Program is designed to help our clients continually evaluate the effectiveness of their artwork.
  • We create lasting value with existing assets. With our evaluation process, we have created opportunities for redistribution that have generated $120,000 or more in proceeds.

Art Auction

Following a detailed art appraisal, Art Force can help facilitate the auction of existing art assets. We protect the assets of the clients we serve and will always seek the best price for your artwork when it goes to auction.

  • We facilitate fair pricing. We rely on measurable, industry supported best practices for auctioning artwork for the clients we serve.
  • We create resale opportunities for the clients we serve. If you are ready to change or refresh a space, we can help facilitate artwork resale.

Art Appraisal Services

Do you know the value of your current art assets? We can help drive important investment decisions with our art appraisal services by setting a baseline of your existing assets and/or projecting art investment value.

  • We cultivate the expertise necessary to provide accurate art appraisal services. We can remove subjectivity by standardizing art appraisal services, ensuring you get an honest art appraisal on existing or future art investments.
  • We create and uphold industry best practices in art appraisal. Art Force utilizes the expertise of its team of art consultants to keep up on industry best practices for art appraisal services

Local & National Reach


Local & National Project Management

Our production and manufacturing staff each complete LEAN Six Sigma training to ensure quality project management solutions for the clients we serve.

  • We provide expertise for projects of varying complexity. Have a creative problem that needs solving but don’t have the people or assets to spare? Leave the tough work to us and we can manage creative projects of all sizes.
  • We create lasting impressions through the power of presentation. From start to finish, projects build on themselves to create synergy and momentum. We highly value presentation and take great care to ensure we meet the high standards of our clients.

Local & National Art Installation

Our expert production team utilizes industry best practices to carefully plan and install your unique art collection. We utilize the power of visual storytelling to create an unspoken narrative for your employees and customers to embrace.

  • We ensure a courteous and professional installation process. With more than 150 clients and 30,000 pieces of artwork placed since our inception in 2009, our detailed processes ensure your artwork is hung in places and orientations that will deliver the greatest impact.
  • We create unique environments rather than mere spaces. From art consultation to framing and hanging, we will embrace your unique story to deliver art solutions that match your specific needs.

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