With hundreds or thousands of paintings, prints or sculptures, an organization can lose track of what it has in inventory, and where each artwork item is located. Corporate Art Force has opted to offer a more efficient inventory solution by attaching an ultrahigh RFID tag to each piece of art that it sells, and utilizing handheld readers to interrogate the tags, as well as software to manage the location and maintenance performed for artwork.

SmartArt is really ahead of the curve, since few other art providers offer clients an RFID-based solution. —RFID Journal—February 1st, 2012.

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SmartArt Program Inventory Management Module

Customized inventory system that consists of the following items:

  • RFID tracking code
  • Name of the artist
  • Name of the piece
  • Dimensions of the the piece
  • Purchase price (if available)
  • Appraised replacement value (if requested)
  • Collection or decorative classification
  • Vendor history (if available)
  • Current location
  • Security system or hardware status
  • Image on file
  • Brand alignment classification
  • Redistribution classification