Mural Monday: Public Art by GLeo

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Mural Art, Public Art
Mural Monday: Public Art by GLeo muralmonday GLeo recently created a new mural in Asunción, Paraguay for the LatidoAmericano Street Art Festival. GLeo painted one of her signature pieces, which is titled "Metamorphosis" and features the portrait of a woman in a floral and animal-inspired headdress. The brightly colored figure is situated on a bold, red background that appears to blend into the woman at points. The woman has large and deep eyes that make eye contact with the viewer in a kind, welcoming manner. The vibrant mural is situated in a slightly dreary location, adding a new source of life to a grey urban landscape.

GLeoImage Source: StreetArt News.

GLeoImage Source: StreetArt News.

The Importance of Public Art

LatidoAmericano Street Art Festival is an annual urban arts event in the historic downtown of Asunción. The 2016 edition invited 40 artists from 10 different countries. LatidoAmericano is a nonprofit project that aims to promote street art - and do so in a way that is completely free. By supporting street art, LatidoAmericano brings an inclusive (and free) form of art to anyone who happens to be walking down the streets of Asunción, placing a great emphasis on the importance of public art and the cultural contribution it creates. The festival encourages cultural cooperation by inviting neighboring countries, celebrating the contemporary, urban art of Latin America.

Gleo (before)[Before] Image Source: StreetArt News.

Gleo 2[After] Image Source: StreetArt News.


As a street artist from Cali, Colombia, GLeo creates vibrant works often featuring women, nature, and animals - or at least women in animal masks. Incorporating imagery from the original cultures of her country, GLeo uses simple paintbrushes and rollers to create her detailed designs. In addition to her massive murals, GLeo also works in illustration and oil painting, all through which she expresses her identity and thoughts on global issues. The artist has participated in several festival in Colombia, in other numerous neighboring countries, as well as throughout Europe. Save Save Save