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Educational institutions help build a lifetime of opportunity for the students and communities they serve. Offering quality education often starts with creating unique environments that promote productivity and excellence. At Art Force, we believe art inspires, educates and challenges students and teachers to reach their fullest potential. Data and analysis drive the decisions of our art consultants, helping us create truly spectacular learning environments for the world of tomorrow.

Education Portfolio

We work with large public universities and private colleges to complete projects that are in alignment with the mission and unique identity of learning institution. Below is a selection of some of our featured projects within the world of education.

Educational Institutions

People learn best in well-lit, engaging atmospheres. Artwork is key to creating an optimal environment. See our portfolio for a closer look at the educational institutions we've served.

SmartArt & Education

SmartArt is a finance-to-own program with the option with the option to rotate art after six months of service. Given its flexibility and versatility, it is a perfect option for educational institutions working with a budget.

smart art

Similar to Mary Longley's String Theory Wave Particle pictured above, we have a vast image library for SmartArt members to choose from. Visit the SmartArt Program for more information.

Arts Closing the Achievement Gap

A study by the Stennis Institute and Mississippi State University on the Whole Schools Initiative (WSI) – an arts integrated conceptual approach to education reform – focused on 4,275 students from Mississippi public elementary schools and 1,172 students from Catholic elementary schools participating in WSI.

The study found a “robust link between arts integration and a range of positive student outcomes to include increased academic achievement, improved critical thinking skills, enhanced creative thinking, augmented school engagement, and the reduction of the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged students.”

It not a stretch to assume that if arts education brings so many positive benefits, creating an atmosphere immersed in artwork will also bring positive benefits to a learning environment.

Source: A Stennis Institute Study for Decision-Makers


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Research & Evidence: Arts & Achievement

By the Numbers

At Art Force, we are always following emerging data and research to refine our services for educational institutions large and small. We believe artwork creates an environment that ignites the creative spirit, promotes productivity and inspires innovation.

According to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA), a May 2005 Harris Poll commissioned by Americans for the Arts demonstrated public support for arts education:
If you search for evidence-based design, you will find a wealth of research and analysis exploring the subject. The materials contained here are just a fraction of the discussion.

Art Matters

- 93% of respondents agreed arts are vital for providing a well-rounded education

Source: NASAA

Art Helps

- 86% agreed arts education helps improve the attitudes of children toward school

- 83% agreed arts education assists in the effective communication of students with adults and peers

Arts & Achievement

The more we learn about arts in education, the more art and achievement go hand in hand. According to Americans for the Arts and Vans Custom Culture in Arts Education: Navigator, young people with high arts involvement were:

- 4 x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement

- 3 x more likely to be elected to class office

- 4 x more likely to participate in a math and science fair

- 3 x more likely to win an award for school attendance

Better Testing

Americans for the Arts and Vans Custom Culture also referenced College-Bound Seniors. This source revealed that students who take four years of arts and music averaged almost 100 points better than students who took one-half year or less arts and music class on the Critical Reading and Mathematics portions of the SATs .

While learning about art and music are different than being surrounded by art in the educational setting, it is clear that being involved with art has positive effects across the spectrum for different reasons.

Source: Americans for the Arts

Artwork in Educational Institutions

At Art Force, we believe in the value of education and are proud to work with educational institutions large and small.

For more information on how we can help your school or university create a truly unique learning space, please use our contact resources above.


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