Painting is my nature.  I paint each day, sometimes in my studio, sometimes on site in downtown Minneapolis, and if I am traveling, I find interesting subjects to paint. The paintings though are not an end in themselves.  They are just the beginning of the process I developed and use to create digital prints that are blends of the paintings and several photographs.

As I paint, I photograph the same scene. I try to capture as much of the subject as I possibly can during the time I am painting and photographing.  I notice the light, the smell, the people, how they are dressed, the color and tone and most of all I notice objects, their condition, their color and the way they reflect light.  Within two or three hours, I have completed the painting and taken dozens of photographs.  Once back in my studio, I photograph the painting and download it along with the photos I took. 

Using computer software, I blend, stack, layer, cut apart and reshape, change transparencies, change sizes and in time, create a vision of everything I experienced during the time I was at that place.  A digital print is the final outcome, a print that can be different sizes and on different substrates.  The paintings remain as paintings in a rather large collection I have that I can draw on, and the digital prints are a visual essay of a certain time and place.

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