Latitude 45

Latitude 45, luxury high-rise apartments, opened up in downtown Minneapolis this past September. Art Force worked hard with ESG Architects to create a unique look for the apartment building.

Art Force selected edgy and urban artwork for the space. For the lobby, “wow” pieces to greet people at the public entry off the busy Washington Street entrance were used. The space is a mix of casual comfort and upscale elegance created by the entire interior design.

Two collages were created. A large full wall in the 2nd floor party room and a second smaller one to give a taste of the space within the leasing office space. These pieces of artwork are all original works by local artist in a variety of mediums. The imagery was eclectic, edgy, new and approachable.

For the Private indoor bike/rider lounge, complete with tools and repair equipment and art to complement, 2 bikes are featured as art.

For the outside pet area, pet featured artwork to enjoy while playing with your beloved pet on the heated rooftop doggie park was selected.

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Lobby Area
Lobby artwork by Shawn McNulty
Lobby Area
Lobby artwork by Patrick Pryor
One of collages in lobby area. Various local artists were used.
Various local artists were used in collages featured in lobby area
Bike/Rider Lounge
Artwork by Adam Turman in bike/rider lounge
Bike/Rider Lounge
Bike/rider lounge
Artwork in outdoor pet area
“Jump” by Michael Sweere in pet area