Katharine McGuinness

When Senior Art Consultant Jennifer Lindgren was working with PrairieCare to select the artwork for their new facility in Brooklyn Park, Dr. Setterberg liked McGuinness’ work because he felt the calm and simple shapes found in her pieces worked well for the atmosphere they were working to create.

“When I am presenting work for health care facilities, I think about how I feel when I’m in a waiting room area of a hospital or such. I’m there for a reason, something that might be causing me concern or anxiety for myself or another, whom I care for. Because of that I want the piece to seem calming of course but the time spent in a health facility can mean a lot of waiting and therefore boredom. You sit and your eyes roam. I want to give what I hope would be a pleasing abstracted image but also enough layering, movement and ambiguity to give one’s eye and one’s thoughts something to look at and refresh their mood.” McGuinness said.

McGuinness is currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. She received her BFA from the University of Colorado and attended the Philadelphia College of Art and the Brooklyn Museum School.

A quote from Sandra Phillips for LODO News found on Katharine’s website, “Kate McGuinness passionately loves her work and the process involved. She is truly one of the most passionate artists I have met in a long time. When asked why she chose printmaking over painting, she quickly responded, ‘I love ink, I always have.’ McGuinness’ provocative compositions represent pure spontaneity. Her art is dazzling.”

Katharine McGuinness in studio taken from her website
McGuinness pieces chosen for Prairie Care in Brooklyn Park, MN
McGuinness piece for Prairie Care in Brooklyn Park, MN
RoomArt 027
McGuinness piece for Prairie Care in Brooklyn Park, MN
RoomArt 040
McGuinness piece for Prairie Care in Brooklyn Park, MN
RoomArt 043
McGuinness piece for Prairie Care in Brooklyn Park, MN