Healthcare Project Spotlight: PrairieCare


Art Force has worked with many healthcare facilities looking to create a comfortable and soothing space for their occupants. We recently partnered with PrairieCare Psychiatric Hospital located in Brooklyn Park, MN to create this type of environment.

Jennifer Lindgren and Shelly Rosett, Senior Art Consultants, as well as Leslie Palmer-Ross, Director of Healthcare and Art Services, collaborated on this project for Art Force.

Aside from using Evidence Based Design to create an atmosphere conducive to healing and wellness, the team needed to find art that appealed to all ages, enhanced the building’s design, and referenced nature. To build a connection to the community,  local artists were selected. Stephen R. Setterberg M.D., the president and founder, was directly involved as his belief in the power of artwork is the guiding directive in this project.

“We began our selection process by reviewing a large collection of artwork appropriate to this facility and then narrowing our focus through the decisions made,” Lindgren said.

Commissioning of a major wood and metal wall sculpture (shown) was accomplished in a tight timeframe by using a local artist who interpreted the PrairieCare logo in a wonderfully artistic fashion. Additional fine artwork was installed throughout the public spaces to create a unified art collection and feeling of serenity.

The patient rooms were included in the project scope and received all original artwork within a specific set of criteria.  The quality of artwork was achieved within deadline by not commissioning one artist for the 50 paintings but by sharing the work between four artists.  For safety the work needed to be completely adhered to the wall so they were commissioned on board and installed with screws. The quiet images have been well received.

For more information on Evidence Based Design, you can download our guide here.





Artwork by Mark Lamm