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[one_half]Clare O’Neill, Contemporary PhotoEncaustic Artist

At Art Force, we run across the most unique pieces created in the most creative ways. Take Clare O’Neill. Clare makes her art pieces using the encaustic process–the same process shipbuilders in Ancient Greece used to caulk and waterproof the hulls of their vessels with beeswax. Clare started off her photography career in Ireland, taking pictures of the people and places. She gradually moved into creating an original artwork series, blending textures for truly unique pieces.

Classic photographs are the basis for pieces like “Refuge,” pictured top-right. Starting with high-resolution original digital photographs, O’Neill applies then re-applies layers and textures with the encaustic molten beeswax, pigment, and damar crystals. The end result is a unique dimensional piece. Clare’s recent “Below the Surface” series includes pieces like “Talin,” pictured bottom-right. She photographed her models underwater, and dressed them to depict classic Old Hollywood. This series is personal to Clare: “In this work, as in my life, I’m piecing together what time has changed.”


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