Enterprise Art Management

Enterprise Art Management

By efficiently providing art services at scale, Art Force is capable of maximizing multi-facility organization’s art investments to provide more quantity, and higher quality of pieces for their projects. We work with over 100 Enterprise Level organizations and manage national art programs for many Fortune 500 companies with facilities across the country. When you’re dealing with multiple locations and multiple facilities, an Enterprise Art Program can help you make the most of your budget.

Art Program Development

– Stakeholder Collaboration with your Marketing, Facilities, Architecture and Interior Design Teams
– Standard Pricing and Materials with Value Engineered Products
– Multi-location Brand Image Alignment

Existing Art Evaluation & Optimization

– Location and Cataloguing of Existing Art Assets
– Removal of Art not Aligned with Brand Image
– Move & Floor Plan Creation 


New Art Integration & National Shipping

– Inhouse LEAN Trained Production Facility
– Six Sigma Quality and Efficiency Control
– National Shipping and Installation Coordination


Ongoing Art Asset Management

– Enterprise Level Purchasing and Account Management
– Reframing & Reprinting Services

Developing Art Programs for Enterprise Level Healthcare Providers

Enterprise level healthcare providers will often have multiple developments in various stages across many locations. In order to implement an art program that follows brand guidelines, budget constraints, and health standards, organizations require an artwork service provider that will help them standardize an art program across all of their facilities.


Fortune 100 Case Study

We look at any collection holistically to ultimately shape and refine brand identity. After an initial estimate of 500 pieces of artwork were located on this project, Art Force discovered a total of 1,300 pieces of art - an estimated added $240,000 value. With new art integration, the client was able to beautify a new space and realign to updated brand standards.

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