Comprehensive Art Management

Comprehensive Art Management

Depending on the size of your collection, comprehensive art management can be a very complicated process. When you’re dealing with hundreds or even thousands of art assets, the management process should be meticulous, automated, streamlined and simple. With the SmartArt Program by Art Force, you get just that. Here's how it works!

How It Works

Program Design

- Online management – Return on investment philosophy

- Image storage and RFID tracking

- New art integration

- Dedicated support

Existing Art Evaluation

- Locate, capture and catalog artwork assets

- And/or appraisal of existing art inventory

- Quantify artwork count, dimensions, specifics and value

Redistribution Strategy

- "Eligible": for new location

- "No change": the collection is complete “as is”

- List: for auction or sale

- Charitable donation

- Recycle or dispose

Ongoing Art Asset Management

- Actively manage art assets

- RFID inventory management

Management Made Simple

Guide to CAM

We’ve created a user-friendly, scalable process that works for managing art collections of all sizes and complexities. With the entire process centralized, automated and catalogued by certified art consultants, we have the know-how and technology to create a robust arts management system for your organization or private collection.

Case Study

We look at any collection holistically to ultimately shape and refine brand identity. After an initial estimate of 500 pieces of artwork were located on this project, Art Force discovered a total of 1,300 pieces of art - an estimated added $240,000 value. With new art integration, the client was able to beautify a new space and realign to updated brand standards.


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