The Creative Standardization Process

At Art Force, we embrace what we call creative standardization. Creative standardization is all about innovating on the front end to save clients time when it comes to selecting options for their artwork service needs. While we also pride ourselves on our willingness and ability to provide custom artwork solutions, our decades of combined experience have led our core product offerings down a number of avenues reflected below.

Art Force Capabilities

Specific Products


Custom Printing & Framing

Original Art

Custom Printed Murals


Custom Painted Murals

History Walls

Cabling Systems


Vinyl Wall Graphics

Partner Walls

Gallery Walls


Ceiling Elements

Acoustic Panels

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Wall Sculpture


Suspended Sculpture

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Brand Walls

Custom Wallpaper

Custom Branding

That's a lot to digest...

So let’s break it down by project! Below you will get a broader view of how our creative standardization process really works.

First, select your medium. Second, select your substrate. Third, leave the heavy lifting to our Art Consulting and Production Team. Fourth, sit back and watch your artwork get delivered and installed.

Step 1:

Select Your Medium

Your media can be art, photography, or graphic images.

You can also select from sculptures, cabling systems, history walls and sound panels.

"Dash of Energy", Ford Smith
Art Images

Step 2:

Select Your Substrate

We have the ability to print our primary media – graphic images, photography or art images – on any substrate listed.

If you have a painting you love, how about turning it into glass or wallpaper? As you can see, there is nothing “standard” about this standardization process. Call it streamlined!

Step 3:

Let Us Work Our Magic!

Our Production team is Lean SIX-Sigma trained for efficiency. That means our time savings save you money!

Of course, our Art Consultants can provide design insights from decades of combined experience. From inspiration to installation, they can walk you through every step of the process.

Step 4:

Delivery & Installation

With over 30,000 pieces of artwork shipped and hung for more than 150 clients in 42 states and Canada since 2009, we can ship and install your artwork from coast to coast.

No matter the size of the project, we can scale our staffing to fit your schedule.


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