Candice Simpson

[one_half]Candice Simpson combines abstraction with images of nature and other forms to create evocative works on canvas. She uses lush, vibrant colors to create emotionally intelligent pieces, which range from introspective to outgoing.

Simpson specializes in blending color, texture and organic forms to resonate healing qualities and showcase the beauty of simplicity. The focal point of her work is often plant-based, painted with clean lines and minimal detail to allow the eye to move effortlessly from the shapes to the texture and color of the abstract background.

Simpson began her professional artistic career with the founding of her studio, Breeze Art: Refreshing Art on Canvas. Simpson’s works show regularly in regional exhibitions; appear in healthcare and corporate collections; and are commissioned by private collectors. Simpson is represented by fine art galleries in Minneapolis/St Paul area, Scottsdale, Arizona and Kauai, Hawaii. Simpson currently serves as Co-Chair of the Midwest Arts in Healthcare Network, is a member of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association and teaches art in multiple venues. She
lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro and her studio is in the historic Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.


Lily Pads in Venetian III crop 2
Look for Beauty in Green w- Dragonflies
deciding to live. web-2