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How a Call for Art Can Help You Find the Perfect Artwork

A “Call for Art” is one of the best tools that Art Force can use to find the perfect artwork for your brand image. Even if you feel unsure of what artwork you want in your organization’s space, we can work with you to define your image. We start by providing you with a variety of artists, mediums and styles to consider and then determine the kind of art that best fits your needs.  If you’re looking for artwork that is a specific size, style, color, aligns with your brand, etc., we will make sure that the submissions are perfectly tailored to your space. Our Art Consultants are experts at helping clients define the look and feel of the art for their location. 

Once we have determined your vision, we will send out a “Call for Art”, in which we contact artists through our deep networks of local and national artists, various social media sites, and artist-centered websites to find artists with styles and mediums to best align with your specific needs and requests. Our listings will include all of the information with any and all specifications so that all submissions are in line with your vision. We will then review the work we receive with you and decide what direction to move forward in. We have provided our clients with individual pieces, full rotating galleries and even multi-story sculptures. There is no limit to how creative your visual solution can be! Our team is capable of sourcing and installing small and large scale art across the country. 

After looking over the artist candidates and selecting your piece, Art Force will continue to work with the artist and you as much as you’d like to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. They may already have artwork that aligns with what you’re looking for or they may be able to create exactly the piece you had in mind. In this case, we will work commission a piece from the artist that perfectly captures your vision. providing samples and updates along the way. We handle artists relationships including contracts, pricing, and timelines, and will make the entire process as easy as possible for you. Working with Art Force is an effortless way for you to have your art-related needs met, and for your space to look exceptional.


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