Evidence Based Design

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Evidence-based design (EBD) is a field of study that emphasizes the importance of using credible data in order to influence the design process.

Evidence-based design is a relatively new field of study which borrows terminology and ideas from several disciplines including Environmental Psychology, Architecture, Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics.

Over the past 10 years, EBD has emerged within healthcare delivery as a scientific response to questions about how the built environment impacts patient, staff and resource outcomes. During this time frame, EBD inquiries have exponentially exploded in the wake of the Institute of Medicine’s benchmark studies on the quality and safety of healthcare delivery in America.

The approach has become popular in Healthcare Architecture in an effort to improve patient and staff well-being, patient healing process, stress reduction and safety.

Because of the recession, both operationally and strategically, business has changed. Some of the major challenges for business’s today are team building, talent development and retention, leadership and full scale organizational development. Early evidence demonstrates that the use of EBD can positively impact these issues.

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