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At Art Force, we approach Creative Project Management one of two ways – through our Creative Standardization Process or with Custom Visual Solutions. The majority of projects will fall under our Creative Standardization Process, which is the best value for clients since the “standardization” component increases efficiency and utilizes our LEAN Six Sigma production process. We also offer Finance Programs for our clients. More information on each program is provided below.


- Discovery meeting with a certified Art Consultant

- Identify an organizations' needs, brand, mission and values

Art Reviews

- Align artwork to Brand & Vision

- AC will present a variety of visual options for the client

LEAN Six-Sigma Production

- Art Work Procurement and Production

- Custom visual solutions and/or creative standardization


- Securely pack, deliver, and install the artwork

- On time and according to the agreed installation plan

Guide to Creative Projects

Our approach to art is ROI driven with a focus on intrinsic value. Artwork is known to inspire employees and clients alike. In fact, surveys have shown that 94% of people agree art enhances the work environment. Another 73% of people agree artwork helps build community relationships.

Case Study

While many of our projects will showcase our creative project management abilities, this project was massive. With over 365 pieces geared toward a river theme, many high profile artists contributed to the completion of this amazing collection.

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