Art Management Tools

From online project management to art selection tools, image storage, RFID inventory management, installation scheduling, professional guidance and more, the SmartArt Program by Art Force streamlines everything you need for your next project.

SmartArt Program Tools

Online Project Room

Tools for professional consultants and clients to collaborate on creative projects.

Art Selection Tools

Process integration to be able to narrow down artwork options and other visual solutions that flow towards the final project plan.

Image Storage

The ability to store images and project documents for future reference.

RFID Inventory Management

Art asset reports that result from RFID technology being applied to art that matches redistribution classifications and ongoing active art management.

Installation Scheduling

Online coordination, scheduling and confirming artwork installations nationwide.

Professional Guidance

Consulting services provided through online technology and in person-onsite collaboration.

Climate Control Storage

Art Force can store your artwork during the Comprehensive Art Management process. Generally artwork is reframed, auctioned, donated or responsibly recycled.

Voting Tools

For projects with multiple stakeholders, Art Force offers voting tools that streamline the artwork selection process.


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