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We work with our community to ignite the creative economy and to uplift artists & charitable organizations.

Art Force MSP is our commitment to give back to the local community. We strive to embed ourselves in the “Creative City” of MSP by focusing our support on three key areas:

  1. 1. Building our community through outreach and charitable contributions.
  2. 2. Supporting creative professionals through patronage and entrepreneurial education.
  3. 3. Empowering health challenged artists through our Wings program.

Since inception, Art Force has worked with over 150 clients and over 1,000 artists to place over 30,000 pieces of art nationwide. Each piece placed has allowed us to host community outreach events, champion health challenged artists, and contribute over $100,000 to more than 20 charitable and non-profit organizations since 2013.

We believe in supporting organizations that help our community thrive. Below are a few of the many organizations who have benefited from the Art Force Community Fund for their uplifting work.

Art speaks. But it speaks most profoundly when put in the right context. The Wings Suite brings together health challenged artists from all walks of life, each with a compelling story to tell. The entire collection speaks to the power of positive distraction, empowerment, togetherness and shared experience in the healthcare environment. Proceeds from all three programs go directly to the artists, completing the circle of giving and sharing.

Each time I paint or assemble I am taking back my name. I would do this in isolation all by myself but to share with another is profoundly gratifying. It isn’t the money. It isn’t even the compliment. It’s that you join me in celebration. You see who I am – not a label – something to manage, but rather, a garden growing and changing.

Tapping into a deep sense of shared experience and community, this artwork is intended for placement in healthcare facilities to uplift and inspire patients and staff. The Wings Suite has three categories: Wings (emerging & professional artists), Still Life (professional artists), and our Local Voice option, which gives existing arts programs options to print, hang and distribute proprietary artwork collections from their very own patients and staff.

Devin Wildes,       "Future Devin"
Devin Wildes, "Future Devin"

Devin’s Story

Wings artist Devin Wildes found his voice through art – quite literally. As a young artist living with autism, Devin’s story is truly inspirational. Through the power of art and family, Devin surpassed all expectations to not only speak; but move the world around him through his art.

We are proud to host Devin’s fantastic art as part of our Wings Suite. Your art purchases not only positively impact Devin, but also support the wider Autistic community through the Fraser organization. 

‘ When he started doing art, the one thing that we noticed was that he was really in his own skin. And you can see… that pride that is resonating throughout his body.

– AJ Paron-Wildes, Devin’s Mother

Our offerings, including art consulting, enterprise art management and subscription finance program, all help us support the creative professionals that provide us with art and enable us to provide charitable contributions and events. Since inception, Art Force has worked with over 150 clients and over 1,000 artists to place over 30,000 pieces of art nationwide.

Art Force MSP provides a structure and framework for addressing some of the Creative City Road Map’s core goals. By supporting artist entrepreneurs, empowering health challenged artists, providing no-cost education opportunities for local and aspiring artists, and donating a portion of each artwork sale to charitable organizations, Art Force MSP is designed to support the Twin Cities’ creative economy one project at a time. Sales from clients drive the engine that provides free opportunities for artist entrepreneurs, health challenged artists, and charitable donations as a portion of each artwork sale. With your help, we can create more opportunities that help drive our creative economy forward.


Purchase With a Purpose

Moving forward, Art Force will continue to give back to our community and we greatly appreciate the continued support and patronage of our clients. New to Art Force? Fill out the form below to get in touch with a consultant and start a project that will give back.

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