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by Adam Bucher
Artwork by Adam Bucher

A man of many talents, we wanted to learn more about Adam Bucher so we asked him some questions…

Q: What’s an unusual, non-artist job you’ve worked?

A: In the 90’s, when I was in High School, I worked at the Grandview Theater in Saint Paul. I’m pretty sure it was my first “real job”, pretty laid back given that when the movie was playing we got to hang out, do homework, or pop into the movie if we wanted. In addition to seeing a lot of free movies and eating far more popcorn than any single human needs to, I spent most of my time drawing. In retrospect, it was my first non-artist job that provided a paycheck for making art.

Q: How did you become an artist?

A: I started making art as a kid. My mother was less inclined to put my brother and I in front of the T.V., and encouraged us to draw and paint. In high school I went to an alternative arts school in downtown Saint Paul called Carmichael and Carmichael Studio School. It lacked the structure of traditional high schools but provided the opportunity for me to stretch my own canvases and dedicate as much time as I wanted to my art. It was a very productive period of time for me, definitely changed the course of my life.

Q: How and where do you find inspiration?

A: Inspiration is a funny thing. For me it depends on what I’m into at the time. Lately, I’ve been very into typography, so I’ve been following a number of typography masters for inspiration. I find a lot of inspiration online. A few blogs I’ve followed over the years are Grainedit, ffffound, Juxtapoz, Fecalface… among others.For years I found a lot of inspiration following artists feeds on Flickr. Lately I’ve gravitated toward Instagram as a way of sharing current work, works in progress etc. It’s great to see what people are working on. It’s also a great source of inspiration to see friends and people I look up to just completely crushing at what they do.

Q: What is your process for beginning a piece?

A: It completely depends on the piece. For my design work, sometimes I’ll work out an idea with pen and paper, sometimes it’ll take me a week or two to come up with an idea or direction before I start doing anything visual. Most of what I do has a very hands on approach. I try to do as much hand lettering as possible, render designs and images by hand with pen, paint, charcoal etc. My last few projects have been a combination of hand drawn lettering and illustrations drawn on the computer.

Q: What are your goals or hopes for the future in what you create?

A: I hope to continue making art, making illustrations, making music, DJing parties… I started a note the other day titled GOALS. Here’s what I have so far: “Have an art show, release a new record, perform live, be on fire” Not literally “on fire”, but kicking maximum butt with whatever I’m working on.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your pieces in Latitude 45 and well as the wallpaper you created for the Radisson Blu Plaza?

I had a blast working on the Radisson Blu project. I believe it was the first project I collaborated with Art Force on. I was connected to the project through my friend, and artistic collaborator, Emjay Heubach. I recently had a chance to see the installation in person, and am really happy with how it turned out. It’s exciting to know that hundreds of people are exposed to my work daily. The Faces piece that was featured in the Latitude 45 installation is originally a design I did for a show curated by my friends at Burlesque of North America. For the show I produced a limited edition series of shirts and prints of the design. The Abstract Shapes design is something I produced prints of during my time at MCAD. One of my favorite prints from that time period.

Q: I see that you’re also a DJ and producer! Could you tell me a bit about that?

Booka B

I’ve been DJing since I was a teenager. It started as a passion for Hip Hop. Graffiti, Turntablism, Beat Making, Freestyle Rapping and Break Dancing were a big part of the culture I grew up in.  Over the years DJing has turned into a part time career, Djing clubs, dance parties, gallery openings, rap shows, etc. I’ve been working with a local artist collective called Wants Vs Needs for years. We started doing a monthly residency at Club Jager in the Northloop of Mpls, then moved to First Avenue’s Record Room. I released a record called “Basementality”, you can check it out on iTunes, or on my website at

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"Eyedea 5 Year Poster" by Adam Bucher
“Eyedea 5 Year Poster” by Adam Bucher
Shirts by Adam Bucher
Faces on Faces_web
“Faces on Faces” featured at Latitude 45
Wallpaper design by Adam Bucher in Radisson Blu bathroom
Wallpaper design by Adam Bucher in Radisson Blu bathroom