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About Art Force

We were formed in 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of General Finance and Development, Inc. (OTC Markets: GFDV). From inspiration to installation, our mission is to be the Premier Provider of Artwork Services. Located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, we have distributed and manage over 34,000 pieces of artwork in 42 states to help organizations achieve their objectives through artwork and visual solutions.

Enterprise Art Management


The SmartArt Program was launched in 2011 with an "Art as an Asset" philosophy. We wanted to make art easier to invest in and processes to more effectively manage. Over the years we have developed and perfected 3 elements to the SMARTART PRGRAM.
1.) The SmartArt Subscription Program - "The smartest way to invest in art"
2.) SmartArt Comprehensive Art Management - "The smartest way to manage your art assets"!
3.) SmartArt Custom Visual Solutions - "The most creative process to communicate your brand"!

Art Consulting

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Through Art Force Academy, we educate and provide career opportunities and support for industry professionals who serve our clients.

Art Force MSP


Art Force MSP is our commitment to igniting the Twin Cities' Creative Economy through a combination of empowering local creative professionals and charitable organizations.

LEAN Six-Sigma Production


Our production team has completed LEAN Six-Sigma training and take great care to seamlessly frame, place and hang your artwork where it will make the biggest impact. We also provide nationwide installation.




Multi-Family Art

ROI Philosophy

We believe artwork is an asset providing an intrinsic return on investment (ROI). When carefully selected, framed and installed, artwork has the ability to serve many valuable functions that far exceed decoration. Your organization's environment is a reflection of who you are and what you value; painting a picture of your mission through art not only enriches the brand experience, but we feel it drives prolonged brand trust and loyalty.

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Research & Evidence: Aesthetics Matter

The Transformative Power of Art

Employee Attitudes & Art

In fact, in a market survey of 800 employees at 32 companies, we found:

Art Enhances the Work Environment

In the survey, we found that a staggering 94% of respondents agree artwork enhances the work environment.

Art Shows Investment

Art also demonstrates investment, with 84% of employees agreeing that artwork shows an employer values improving the quality of life for its staff.

Art Matters

Of those surveyed, an additional 82% of people agreed art is important in the workplace.

Employees Value Art

Another 73% of employees want more art in their workplace.


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