3 Artists on the Healing Power of Art

3 Artists on the Healing Power of Art

healing power of art

Art Force recently completed a major installation at a local healthcare facility, highlighting the work of Alexander Tylevich, Michael Tonder, Adam Colangelo, as well as many others. The project featured a variety of artistic mediums, including numerous large-scale sculptures.

Here at Art Force, we are strongly believers in evidence-based design, the healing power of art, and the significant benefits to those who live and work in environments that showcase creativity (ICYMI, we made a pretty neat infographic about it). To explore this topic more fully, we sat down with Tylevich, Tonder, and Colangelo to hear their thoughts on the idea of art as medicine.



Artwork provides a greater benefit than just filling a blank space on a wall. Rather, art elicits a personal response and allows for a dialogue to begin. As each of these three artists described, artwork creates the opportunity to ponder ideas larger than oneself and connect with others on a personal level. This connection could be as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face, or it could be something with a more profound influence, relating to an individual on a personal level. Whichever it may be, art is a connector that feeds the soul. With only a slew of benefits, who wouldn’t want a life surrounded by art?