3 Artists on the Healing Power of Art

healing power of art

Art Force recently completed a major installation at a local healthcare facility, highlighting the work of Alexander Tylevich, Michael Tonder, Adam Colangelo, as well as many others. The project featured a variety of artistic mediums, including numerous large-scale sculptures.

Here at Art Force, we are strongly believers in evidence-based design, the healing power of art, and the significant benefits to those who live and work in environments that showcase creativity (ICYMI, we made a pretty neat infographic about it). To explore this topic more fully, we sat down with Tylevich, Tonder, and Colangelo to hear their thoughts on the idea of art as medicine.[/embed]


Artwork provides a greater benefit than just filling a blank space on a wall. Rather, art elicits a personal response and allows for a dialogue to begin. As each of these three artists described, artwork creates the opportunity to ponder ideas larger than oneself and connect with others on a personal level. This connection could be as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face, or it could be something with a more profound influence, relating to an individual on a personal level. Whichever it may be, art is a connector that feeds the soul. With only a slew of benefits, who wouldn’t want a life surrounded by art?